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Additional scene for Henrik Ibsen's "A Doll's House" occurring shortly after Nora has left. Torvald receives a visit from Krogstad.

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World Lit II Bruce Spires IB English Word Count: 1,309 Topic: Additional scene for Henrik Ibsen's "A Doll's House" occurring shortly after Nora has left. Torvald receives a visit from Krogstad. (Scene: Torvald is standing, staring at the door that Nora just walked out of. Behind him, the fireplace is slowly going out. The door knocks then opens, and Krogstad walks in and stands next to him.) Krogstad: Hello Torvald. How are you? Torvald: Fine...yes...yes I'm fine... a bit chilly, but....you? Krogstad: I'm better. I just wanted to come by and bid my farewells, I am leaving. With Ms Linde. Torvald: Oh. Why are you both leaving? Is something wrong? Krogstad: We are going to move town, get other jobs, in this town jobs in winter are scarce you know...business doesn't thrive much.... Torvald: Really, is that so? Where are you going? Krogstad: We are moving over to the east, economy is booming, it might offer us some opportunity. Torvald: Well, I'm happy that you have moved on from our little misunderstanding. In fact, if I hadn't have done such a thing then you would have probably resigned. Krogstad: Torvald, stop twisting your actions. In fact, we are leaving because of you. ...read more.


Torvald: Krogstad....Krogstad, Krogstad, Krogstad....(Looks at picture of family on the wall). You do have children, don't you, as do I... Krogstad: Yes, thank you for understanding- Torvald: Please leave. Krogstad: What? Torvald: Leave. Don't ever come back. If you do, I'll notify the police of what you did. You and Ms Linde and your starving children. Go. Krogstad: (Walks toward the door and opens it.) You know, Nora did what she did because she loved you, Torvald. Nora- Torvald: Nora is gone! Nora left me Krogstad! Because of you and your lovely bloody letter! She walked out that door not half hour ago! And out with her went my reputation, my pride, my, my little spendthrift, she left me. Oh god! (Sinks down to his knees crying, Krogstad walks over to him.) Krogstad: I'm sorry, Torvald. I'm sorry it all had to turn out like this. If I had known- Torvald: No, don't apologise, there was no way you could have known. I should apologise. I am sorry. I am sorry for firing you. Sorry for putting you in the position that you are in. I suppose we all get a little hot headed once in a while. (Krogstad goes and lights the fireplace, with his back turned towards Torvald) ...read more.


(Krogstad walks to the door and stands in the door frame) Torvald: Don't go, please Krogstad, don't go. Stay here, work for me, I will change, I have to, don't you see, how can I go on like this, after everyone finds out about Nora I will be ruined, my reputation, my new job will be taken back, I might even be fired because of this, they need a family man, a man, who has the perfect life. I do not, or ever had the perfect life, I just lost the perfect lie though, and that, is almost the same thing. Almost. Krogstad: Almost. Torvald, you need some sleep- Torvald: No! (Gets up) Don't you see, I've been asleep my whole life! I've never been more awake, I've been following orders before, but Nora leaving, makes me see, the most wonderful thing of all- Krogstad: Torvald. Goodbye. I wish the best of luck to you, and I wish the best of luck to Nora. Goodbye, get some sleep, and I suggest you stop thinking about Nora. She is gone. People will find out, and you will suffer the concequences. And I do not want to be here to see it. I had too much respect for you. Goodbye. (Walks out of the door, closing it behind him leaving Torvald, who slumps back down again and the fire behind him dies out and leaves him in darkness.) Torvald: Goodbye. ...read more.

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