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Duffy presents relationships in the poems adultery and valentines in different ways. In adultery the title suggests betrayal and deceit. It explores the wife's feeling towards her husband's infidelity. Whereas in valentines, Duffy shows the different ways we love people and challenges the true meaning of love. Adultery is a regular structure of 11 stanzas. This shows repetition and also restriction. It has a regular repetitive rhythm so as to avoid losing the impact and the theme of the poem which is betrayal. Duffy introduces her poem in an exciting and a mysterious way; wear dark glasses in the rain. This shows that the person is hiding his identity. "Guilt. A sick, green tint" makes the reader pause and think giving the word "guilt" a bigger effect. It shows the damage caused by the action of the betrayer. She leaves the word" hands" unwritten which makes it important due to the various things a person can do with it. The second stanza creates an atmosphere of excitement and also shows a hint of prostitution when Duffy uses the line" money tucked in the palms". "You are naked" is also of significance because it not only implies infidelity but also the word naked could mean vulnerability. ...read more.


She uses words that have got implied meanings. Similarly, she uses this same technique for "valentines as well although the theme of the poem is totally different and represents relationships in a different way. Valentines as the title suggests is about love and how it is expressed especially on Valentines Day. Duffy uses 1 line stanzas to give a more dramatic impact and also gives the key ideas. Duffy suggests that a "red rose" or a "satin heart" does not really carry the real meaning of love. The word "not" crates an effect which suggests that Duffy strongly thought that the roses and hearts were just fake symbols of love. Instead, Duffy tries to have an "onion" as a symbol of love. Duffy compares her onion to a moon wrapped in brown paper. The brown paper implies the outer skin of the onion. The moon is known for its romantic setting and its" light" could mean that true love provide the light of your life. In valentines, the poem uses imagery to get a point across. The poem has got the onion as the extended metaphor with an implied meaning of true love. ...read more.


This however could mean that love is lethal in a way. It's a metaphorical death of love that is break-ups. This word similarly is also mentioned in adultery for a different situation though. In adultery, Duffy builds up a situation on all the different ways the person cheats. She uses the word lethal to make sure that the reader doesn't feel comfortable with the deception and the betrayal. This word shows the dangerous consequence of adultery. However, in valentine the repetition of the word 'cling' shows the way feelings can take a grip on people. On the other hand, in adultery the feelings certainly didn't make the relationship between the two people any stronger. In valentines, the poem uses imagery to get a point across. The poem has got the onion as the extended metaphor with and implied meaning of true love. Whereas, in adultery Duffy uses language technique of implied or hidden meanings to create a mood that builds on and then changes it. She uses language effectively to present how the partner feels. The poem adultery could be personally linked to Duffy. She might have had relationships where she was hurt or was betrayed by her lover. Whereas, in valentines she could have just wanted people to experiment and modernise their way of thinking instead of just sticking with the old boring meaningless ones. ...read more.

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