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Adventure begins here.

Extracts from this document...


CONTENTS Chapter 1 REPITION 2 Chapter 2 BILLY BLACK 12 Chapter 3 AIRBOURNE 22 Chapter 4 NEW SKIES 31 Chapter 5 HOURS OF DARKNESS 37 Chapter 6 FAMILY HISTORY 42 Chapter 7 APPARITIONS 50 Chapter 8 TARGET 54 Chapter 9 CITY LIGHTS 60 Chapter 10 BLOOD DRINKER 68 Chapter 11 TRUTH 73 Chapter 12 ILLUSIONAL 78 Chapter 13 MEET THE FAMILY 85 PREFACE SMOKE BELLOWED FROM MY UNEVEN FLOORBOARDS, FLAMES LICKED around my bedroom walls. The smoke made screaming harder so I closed my eyes and rolled up into a ball on the floor, my arms wrapped tightly around my legs. Just as I had reached unconsciousness I felt my body being picked up. My rescuers arms were stone cold and sent a sharp pain pulsating through my arm. My eyelids felt as heavy as lead as I fought for a glimpse of my rescuer. The first thing I noticed about him was his livid eyes - a liquid topaz colour that sparkled in the firelight. His dark tousled moonlight shaded hair glinted in the limited light of the flames. His face was set like stone into a scowl, anger filled in his beautiful eyes. He was wearing dark jeans and a black t-shirt. It was as if he were an ice sculpture, carved by the gods. I reached out to touch the back of his hand but resisted; he looked down at me with intelligent eyes. He looked at me for a second studying my face, my eyes, my hair but then his head quickly snapped back as his eyes locked onto the house entrance. His face hardened back into the infamous scowl. As he stepped out of the house the cold air slapped around my face and arms. I was able to breathe once again. "Thank you for saving our little girl's life," a familiar voice spoke. "My pleasure, I was on my way into town when I heard her scream..." ...read more.


It was strangely beautiful in a normal human way. "You missed out the best part - we not only have powers, we're also shape shifters. We can change into any animal depending on our mood," Carl said excitedly standing up. "NO! If you change you could hurt her!" Tyler shrieked stepping in the fire putting it out. How did he do that? Only some of us dreamed. "Come on Carl, let's just get back to the party," Nate said standing up. They disappeared into the darkness again as I blinked, why did I always miss the action? "Come on, they'll be wondering where you are," Tyler said taking my hand, My mind was in shock and I couldn't think straight, I felt nauseated and dizzy. My head throbbed and my breathing was uneven. "Don't worry, it's OK. It was worse for us - our fathers never explained anything to us before we got our powers or before we shape shifted for the first time. I always felt I was missing something - like my parents were keeping secrets from me. They never told us about our grandparents or showed us pictures of their friends or their wedding photos for that matter before we changed. You can imagine one could go mad with the power. These powers come with a risk - if they play too much a greater part in your life then these powers can make you deteriorate physically. They can also make you forget everything, even forget your own wife," he said whilst we were talking. We were on the edge of the trees, as we came into the view of the house we saw that the party of guests were now all saying goodbye to each other. Tyler guided me up the steps before he stood to face me. "You're welcome here whenever you want, I'll see you around," he said before he hugged me. ...read more.


I asked nervously. "For both," he said, his lips curving up into a small smile. I walked to the passenger's side and climbed in. He was already at the wheel watching me intently. I wasn't ready to face his family, not yet. I had seen some of them before. I had watched the blonde curly haired girl walked past giving me the evils as if to say 'I rule this place.' The roar of the engine interrupted my thinking and the car lurched off the pavement and onto the road. He looked at my forehead, his eyes zooming onto my purple bruise. "What happened?" he sighed. "I fell and cracked my hand on the kitchen floor," I replied. "Can't trust you with yourself can I?" he stated, matter-of-factly. "I wouldn't have done it if-" I bit my lip, did I really want him thinking me as crazy? He waited in silence, expecting me to reply. My eyes flickered out of the window looking at the streets flying by. He cleared his throat and said, "You can tell me, you know." "It's kind of difficult," I replied turning my head to face his, a sympathetic look on my face. Yeah, a sympathetic look. He turned his head back to the road focusing on the traffic and not getting us killed. Maybe he just did it for my sake, he had told me he had never crashed before or got caught for that matter. "So am I going to meet all of your family?" I asked. "Yes although there's one tiny problem, Hugh won't be there for a bit. He's a little...thirsty today," he said. I gulped; I didn't want to bump into Hugh today. I wondered what I would look like to him. A blood burger. I snickered; they must have better terms than I had made up. Ones that were less cringey perhaps. Well you met Henr´┐Ż - the father. Iris is his wife; they also have six children in total. They're all adopted. Damion, Caelan and Yvette are all siblings. Elizabeth, Miranda and Hugh are siblings as well, ...read more.

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