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Adventurous Accident. I had height phobia, but to go hanggliding was my biggest dream

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´╗┐It was a bright morning and I could see the snow melting on top of the mountain and the bright rainbow shining. I put my boots on and hung my bag pack, tightened my pony and wore my shades. I ran downstairs, had a glass of strawberry shake and rushed to the gate. I was completely ready for my adventure today. Outside there was a big kite-shaped frame knitted with nylon cloth coloured purple with orange stripes on it. I advanced towards it, checked the engine and lubricated it. I climbed onto the metal rod and waived mum goodbye. Mum wished me good luck and I started climbing upon the cliff with that giant kite. I soon reached the top of the mountain and my heart started beating like a trapped bird desperate to escape. ...read more.


Oh my God! I was flying up high. A flock of eagles and albatross passed by me fluttering in a way as if they were congregating me. I could feel the air resistance acting on my body but the stream-lined shape of the glider carried me on. From up high, I could see the snow glowing white and the kids of my area skating in the ice. It was all so amazing as I wondered at the beauty of nature on mountainous areas. I saw a huge cliff in front of me and for a moment I did not realize that I had to rotate the glider 90°! It was too late… When my head cleared and senses awakened, I saw everyone around me praying for my health as I lay on the hospital bed. ...read more.


On the other side, stuck in the cliff, I did not lose hope and remained determined. I struggled hard and somehow managed to get myself out of the glider. My heart gave a giant lurch and my veins got swollen as if they were about to burst. When I sloped down at the foot of the cliff, a wave of nausea surged over me and I lay flat on the snow without thinking that I would soon be surrounded by polar bears and arctic wolves. The left part of my body which was stuck in the glider was bleeding and I felt as if my bones were ruptured and fractured. As blood spurted out, three vultures flew in circles above me but soon enough they flew away when they heard the voice of gun shot. I saw the rescue team running towards me and I closed my eyes? I was safe and sound now. ...read more.

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