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Advert Analysis

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Advert Analysis Advert A Product: Suzuki Swift-Sports Car Publication: Daily Express' TV Guide 1. First Impressions On my first glance, I quickly discovered that the product is situated in the centre of the advertisement: this is to draw imminent attention. I then noticed the bright and vibrant colours, which are attractive and appealing to almost any audience. The background notifies me that this car is for the adventurous and risk-taking motorists and hasn't been designed for the careful and feeble population of drivers. 2. Graphics The most noticeable graphic, located exactly in the middle, of the advert is the product itself: the car. This technique is ideal for a vehicle-based advert because it shows the readers exactly what is being sold. The car is shiny - almost juicy - and bright red; similar connotations to love. This effect exploits with the reader's feelings and emotions. Therefore, Suzuki is insisting that this vehicle will be the new love of your life. On the other hand, an alternative interpretation is available. If you look closely at the front of the car, a vague face shape is visible. The glowing of the headlights - or eyes - and the gnashing teeth - or grill - constructs an angry atmosphere. With the addition of the raging red, the vehicle contains the features of aggressiveness. Considering this is the 'sports' edition, the stance of the car is vital. Significantly, this advert has positioned the car in a way, which emphasises its sleek lines. ...read more.


'Way of Life!' is the slogan of Suzuki. This suggests that the car is so special and so addictive, that driving turns into a pleasurable experience - almost a religion - instead of a chore. The exclamation mark amplifies the meaning behind the slogan as well as increasing the excitement of the product and of the brand. 4. Summary After thoroughly analysing the advertisement, I clearly discovered that the targeted audience is the young and outgoing segment of the population; specifically males. This company has designed its advert in a way, which attracts this specific socio-economic group ideally. Some of the factors, which create the attraction, include the distinctive rebellious attitude, the vibrant colours and also the adventurous atmosphere. In my opinion, the biggest strength of this advert was the use of graphics. The background was carefully designed to ensure that no space went to waste. The product was also well designed. As they say: "A picture paints a thousand words". Advert B Product: Seat Altea XL Car Publication: Elle 1. First impressions Once again, the first thing that strikes me is the product, which is placed directly in the middle of the page. I then quickly took into account of the setting. This specific background creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere, which immediately sets the scene of whats to come. 2. Graphics The Seat Altea XL is located near the middle of the advertisement. ...read more.


The repetitive word is 'family'. This technique is used to 'hammer in' the sense of the product being suitable for families. This motivates the buyer - most probably a parent - in having the vehicle to prove to him or herself that they are a better mother/father. 4. Summary After analysing this advertisement I can evidently see that the audience targeted is for families; specifically ones that enjoy going on trips and excursions. The laid-back atmosphere, beach setting and spacious emphasis are some of the main factors, which would appeal to the target audience. In my opinion, this advertisement's strong point is the use of language. Each sentence creates an effective - yet different - approach to the last. The techniques include humour, persuasive motivational repetition as well as friendly and familiar phrases. This language variety makes up for the not-so-effective background. Conclusion These two adverts use different approaches to appeal to their target audiences. Advert A uses graphics and colour to attract their young and modern audience. However, Advert B uses sophisticated language variety to get their reader's interested. My personal favourite would be Advert A. This is due to the vibrant colour scheme as well as the rebellious attitude. However, the advertisement that is most likely to attract their chosen target audience is Advert B. The main factor in my decision was the use of language. Visuals are good for first impressions, but when purchasing an expensive product, buyers need to be deeply persuaded and I feel that Advert B does this extremely well. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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