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Advert Commentery

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Advert Commentary The product I have chosen to advertise is a fabric conditioner filled with natural goodness of tropical fruits and exotic flowers. It is addressed towards a female audience because washing related products are stereotypically things women are associated with. Also, in my advert, the words "you" is directly addressing the readers, in effect the reader automatically engages in a more personal dialogue with the advert. The use of attention seeking devices has been vital in my advert because it has helped to seek attention to certain parts of the advert by the audience. I have also included images which relate to the idea of tropical rainforests, to give the audience a good background of the ingredients at a quick glance. This has been effective because "tropical rainforests" connotates the escape to another world of a strong feeling of relaxing and comfortable atmosphere which are much loved by women; a quick glance will be able to interest the target audience to learn more about the product. ...read more.


The advert establishes implied readers through the slogan because "fulfills your family needs" can relate o women or men suggests "your family" a sense of authority of the family through both genders. Furthermore, I have chosen to stereotype this product to women because this product is related to women stereotyping that women are responsible of washing clothes and more importantly giving the clothes a clean finish. This part of family life is mostly laid in the hands of women; as a result, the fabric conditioner is stereotyped on women. In addition to stereotyping a particular gender group, in my advert, I have also used a form of intertextuality in order to relay a connection between the original advert and my interpreted advert to keep a connection of originality, and to keep the customers reminded of the already good 'Comfort' products with its shooting-out-of-the-forest fabric conditioners image. This will mean the customers will be able to intertext the original features of the original advert to my advert by all means knowing reminding themselves that the product is already good and maybe a try on to ...read more.


In order to achieve this I have chosen a friendly persuasive intonation, explaining some of the benefits of the product: "Not only does it burst the tropical freshness in every step you take, but also doest it..." which eventually bring in the narrator to a point of curiosity to the advert. The use of superlative descriptions has also been very important to mark its status to the customers. The word 'best' fabric conditioner gives a little more confidence to the customers to make a right choice to try it on and choose according to their personal opinion. The use of "tricks of trade" to my advert has also helped to hook the narrator with the advert. In the slogan of the advert, I have chosen to include alliteration 'fulfills your family' to convert the slogan more memorable as well as as a declarative statement. Also, I have chosen to use a carefully worded question targeted on the narrator's as an opening rhetorical question in order to pen up the insecurities of the target audience. Therefore, the advert is effective because it is constructed in a more attached way to the narratee that it is for them. ...read more.

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