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Advertisement analysis

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Sally Walsh GCSE English Media Assignment An Analysis Of Two Print Based Adverts Advertising means announcing something publicly to sell or to publicize goods. It is found almost everywhere; in magazines, on television, on billboards, at the cinema even on public transport. There are advertisements of all kinds; for makeup, foods, cars, charities and even holidays. The purpose of an advertisement is to make a product or brand well known, and to make the public want to go out and buy the good. Adverts affect our everyday lives in more ways than one as we see them everywhere and are very influenced by them, the very fact that companies spend millions of pounds a year on them is very proof in itself that adverts work. The two adverts I have chosen to analyse are based on health and beauty. The first advert is for the brand 'herbal essences' and is for shampoo and conditioner, the second is advertising 'Dream Matte Mouse' foundation and is for the brand 'Maybelline'. ...read more.


In the first advert the brand name is 'Herbal Essences', which means plants which are used in medicine and the most important feature of a object, so the brand name could be metaphoric to give someone identity or flavour by using 'Herbal Essences' shampoo and conditioner. The language techniques used in the first advert are; metaphoric language, flirtatious language such as; 'make a date with herbal essences' and 'sensually beautiful hair', this makes the product seem a lot more attractive. The layout in the first advert is quite strange because the product is small and set out in the right hand corner. But the main focus of the advert is the models glossy hair, even though the adverts layout is not predictable it works, the colours are bright and the advert is eye-catching. The layout of the second advert is different the product is a lot bigger and it also shows the different variety of the colours of the product in a 'rainbow style image', all of the space in the advert is taken up by words, the slogan, brand name, the model ...read more.


My first advert for 'Herbal Essences', I found in 'Look Magazine' a fashion weekly magazine that is relevant to the product because weekly fashion magazines have the same target audience as the product. The second advert I found in the same magazine which also appeals to the same target audience so too is relevant. The main differences in the tow adverts are, the colours; one advert is bright and exotic and the other has neutral, calmer colours. I think both adverts would appeal to their target audiences because the models used in both adverts are young this shows the audience is too. My own personal thoughts on both adverts are that they are both appealing and attractive; my favourite advert out of both is the 'Herbal Essences' advert because it is fresh, exotic and you get a feel of paradise when you view the advert. The adverts I have both viewed both prove the point of how clever and powerful advertising is towards society. The fact that one single A4 piece of paper could persuade a individual to go out and spend �20,000 on a car proves advertising is a powerful way to communicate to society. ...read more.

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