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Advertising coursework (McDonalds)

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McDonald's coursework Target audiences The text: 'every day' is suggesting to the McDonalds customers that they can have this type of food every day and that there is no problem with them doing that. The fact that this food can be sold at a constant price of $1 (not just for a limited time only) without McDonalds losing money and profits raises questions about how much it costs to make this food and subsequently the quality of the ingredients. For example one the products in the dollar menu is the double cheeseburger. It consists of two beef burgers, two slices of processed cheese, the bun and various slices of pickle and tomato. If we assume that the value of one beef burger is around 30cents then we can conclude it is poor quality beef, the worst parts of the animal and that the animal may not have been kept in very good conditions. McDonalds claims that all of the animals used in their food are kept in humane conditions, this may be true in America but in less economically developed countries (where McDonalds import most of their meat from) I would be surprised if similar conditions were maintained. Ronald McDonald and children meals The character of Ronald McDonald has been built up since 1963 and has been a way of targeting young children and convincing them to eat McDonalds. He now fronts whole advertising schemes worth millions of pounds a year which are now targeted at just children. ...read more.


Adverts for these toys are frequently on television (mainly during children's programmes after school and on Saturday mornings). With vast amounts of money McDonalds can afford to advertise as often as they want to gain the maximum attention. With around 95% of homes (in the UK) having at least one TV, McDonalds attracts hundreds of thousands of children. The Food Key facts regarding the website: * All of the figures are apparently dependent on federal rounding regulations. This means that the customer is not getting all of the necessary information or any exact details. * The website says that all daily allowance comparison is based on a 2000 calorie diet. 2000 calories is the RDA for a 12 year old girl. This is not useful at all to the majority of McDonald's customers. Nutritional information Below is an example of a nutritional information table that is available on the website and can be used to calculate the values. Happy Meals with Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Small French Fries 1% Low Fat White Milk Jug (8 fl oz) 640 26 9 3 50 1010 77 4 19 25 530 3.7 3.5 790 0.6 5 100 Cheeseburger Small French Fries 1% Low Fat Chocolate Milk Jug (8 fl oz) 710 26 9 3 50 1030 91 5 32 26 510 3.7 3.5 790 0.6 10 100 Cheeseburger Small French Fries Apple Juice Box (6.75 fl oz) 630 23 8 3 40 900 88 4 28 18 305 3.5 2.6 290 0.5 60 0 Cheeseburger Small French Fries Sprite(r) ...read more.


It is also very ironic that McDonalds of all companies sponsor so many sporting activities for adults and children with their advertising splashed out everywhere in sight. Teenagers can obtain student education packs from the site which will teach them about how brilliant McDonalds is. In overseas countries (e.g. Malaysia) McDonalds do their own versions of local dishes which are described as 'Just like mum's cooking!' By far the most developed menu is the Indian menu. They have managed without any beef or pork items and developed new alternatives, e.g. the chicken maharaja Mac and the mcaloo tikki. It is clear that McDonalds has successfully conquered the globe, both adults and children consume their food on a regular basis. It is also clear that unless governments introduce new laws or someone bankrupts McDonalds there is no way of stopping this expansion. Yet although the food is highly unhealthy there is no denying that the food is cheap, quick and above all it does taste nice. McDonalds does well in taking advantage of lower income families and young children they do not force it down anyone's throat. No matter how much advertising there is we can all say no to McDonalds it is just harder for some than others. I think that the people who complain about McDonalds should not be sitting about complaining, building anti-McDonalds sites or demonstrating but should be looking to create cheap, healthy alternatives to McDonalds. No amount of moaning will destroy a billion dollar corporation like McDonalds. I personally think that there is nothing wrong with the occasional visit to McDonalds and I must admit that they are trying to become healthier. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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