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After carefully examining two 19th Century poems, I will explain how both of them show how love can be a hurtful experience for some people.

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After carefully examining two 19th Century poems, I will explain how both of them show how love can be a hurtful experience for some people. This is an essay about how love can be a hurtful experience for some people. I have chosen to write about "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" and "Bredon Hill". Both poems show a different side of love, one looks at the physical consequences of love and the other shows the emotional consequences of love. I will firstly examine La Belle Dame Sans Merci. La Belle Dame Sans Merci was written by John Keats in 1818. He lived from 1795 till 1824. He died from the disease Tuberculosis. He was also a member of the Romantic Movement. This poem is a ballad. Poets of Keats day loved the middle ages. This poem is a literary ballad, this means that it was written in a later generation and uses the middle age style of writing. The first verse has an unidentified narrator. This person sees a wandering knight in arms and asks him what is troubling him. We find out nothing about the knights appearance until later. We get the feeling that this will be a sad poem because it says "And no birds sing". ...read more.


Again we get a strange feeling about her. In verse 8 the woman takes the knight back to her elfin grot. This lady cannot be normal because normal people don't live in elfin grots. She cried, maybe this is because she has done something to him and she is regretting it, he kissed her eyes shut. "And there I shut her wild, wild eyes, with kisses 4." Again it mentions how wild her eyes are, suggests strangeness about her again. In verse 9 she makes him fall asleep, or maybe he just thinks she is, but it is probably the sleeping potion kicking in. He dreams about being on a cold hillside. He seen kings and princes and warriors. "Death pale were they all." This suggests that they all are sick in some way. They all said that the woman had tricked him into sleeping with her. Verse 9 tells more about how the people in the knight's dream looked. "I saw their starved lips in the gloam, with horrid warning gaping wide." He could see by their looks that they warned him. He awakens and finds himself on a hillside. Verse 10 is the final verse. ...read more.


The word "snow" is also used, which is a symbol for death. The writer uses euphemism to tell us that his love is dead. "My love rose up so early and stole out unbeknown and went to church alone" This means that she is dead in a more polite way. Also, all the verses so far have been in past tense. The 6th verse is still in past tense. The writer is at the church, but not as a groom, but as a mourner for his wife's death, and only one bell is ringing. The 7th verse changes into present tense. The writer hears the bells calling the good people to church, and he gives in and says that he will go. "Oh noisy bells be dumb, I hear you, and I will come." This could also mean that he will make a similar trip to the church, as his love did. Maybe he is thinking of killing himself because he is so heartbroken. I have now examined both poems. Each shows a different side of what can happen if you fall in love. La belle dame sans merci shows the physical consequences of love, that you can catch STI's from woman like that. Bredon Hill shows the emotional consequences of love, that you will get you heart broken if you become to attached to sometime you love a lot. ...read more.

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