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After Reading “Of Mice And Men” And “Captain Murderer” Compare Lennie And Captain Murderer As Killers

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After Reading "Of Mice And Men" And "Captain Murderer" Compare Lennie And Captain Murderer As Killers "Of Mice and Men" and "Captain Murderer" are about men who kill women and finish off dead at the end of the story. However the characteristics of Lennie and Captain Murderer are very different. Captain Murderer is a pirate who marries women and kills them. He chops them up, puts them in a pie and then eats it as the story explains. "Captain Murderer's mission was matrimony, and the gratification of a cannibal appetite with tender brides." Lennie, on the other hand, does not know what he is doing. E is not very bright and does not know his own strength. Unlike Captain Murderer he knows right from wrong. He say's "I done a bad thing, I done another bad thing." This shows that he knows right from wrong, even if he has no control over his physical strength. Captain Murderer was a cruel and heatless character. ...read more.


It uses the word "pleasure" and "chuckled." This shows Lennie is like a child and has a sense of delight when he talks to her. On the other hand Captain Murderer treats his women like cattle. The term "cattle" gives a good image of Captain Murderer. He slaughters his "women" when he has finished with them. The author of "Of Mice and Men" makes us feel sympathetic towards Lennie. While reading the book you get to know Lennie's personality and start to like him. The manner of which he dies makes the reader feel sorry for him. His death is described as being humane. Earlier in the story Candy (a character form Of Mice and Men) puts his dog down by shooting it in the back of the head. He is told that his dog will not feel a thing. George (Lennie's best friend) witnesses this event and does the same to Lennie at the end to put him out of his misery. ...read more.


He seems a lot more like an ordinary person and a lot more life like. I like the character of Lennie better. I think this is because we get to know him and his personality. When Lennie wouldn't let go of her hair, which she allowed him to stroke, he panicked. He has a mental disorder of some kind and he doesn't know his own strength. This makes him very dangerous but I don't he can be considered evil because he didn't mean to kill. Captain Murderer and Lennie are both killers and die as a result of that. Even so the two stories are very different. This is because the characters are very different. Lennie kills because he doesn't know his own strength. Captain Murderer doesn't think what he is doing is wrong and is enjoying it. He has control over his actions. Lennie knows the difference between right and wrong, but has no control. In contrast to Captain Murderer he is the total opposite. I wouldn't brand Lennie as being a murderer after comparing him with the character of Captain Murderer, but I would brand Captain Murderer a disgusting serial killer. Terry Smith ...read more.

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