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After reading four crime stories, which detective do you find most convincing?

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After reading four crime stories, which detective do you find most convincing? After reading 4 crime stories. I have to determine which one of the detectives are most convincing. The first story 'Superfluous Murder' contains an unnecessary killing, hence the title. Another story I looked at was named ' A Wife In A Million' which is about the wife of the detective solving the crime he was working on. There is also 'The Man With A Twisted Lip' this crime story is about Sherlock Holmes being tricked in a case that he is trying to solve. The final story I have covered is called 'The Reluctant Detective' this story has ordinary people solve a case, who then blackmail the accused. The detective in 'Superfluous Murder' is in fact a S.I. He is not described at all so we don't his name or even what he looks like he is like a disembodied voice in the story, all we know is that he is the detective in this story. ...read more.


drugs "I have added opium-smoking to cocaine injections" and he is good at amplifying quiet sounds in his head "I have good ears". We can gather that he's getting on a bit with his age "...Wrinkles...", He makes sure the case is solved by a certain time and he's committed to his job "...his mind would go on for days without rest...". I do find it very weird how the alleged best in the business does get played at his own game by a beggar-man its uncanny! The detective in "A Wife in a Million" is called Maggie Staniforth and you also hear of her throughout the whole story like Sherlock and unlike the detective in "Superfluous Murder". In the story we are able to find out that Maggie is very committed to her job and works hours on end just like Sherlock "Take me to bed Sarah, let me forget about the battle field for a few hours, ...read more.


taxes and other legal charges "it started as a tax fiddle" they didn't actually want to be detectives they had no experience so this story is the most extreme different type of story compared to the others. After reading the stories I have cometo the decision that Maggie Staniforth from "A Wife in a Million" is to me the most convincing because the detective isn't always perfect and I do think its possible that someone who has nothing to do with the case and who just gets told what's happening can solve a crime through pure wit and intelligence this is also why I didn't choose Sherlock because he seems super human and he's to perfect in my view. The reason I did not choose the detective in "Superfluous Murder" is because its weird how the he is responsible for a death because he killed John Mansbridge by giving him the poisoned whisky of which Felix committed suicide with. ...read more.

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