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After Reading Three Crime Stories, Which Detective Do You Find Most Believeable?

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AFTER READING THREE CRIME STORIES, WHICH DETECTIVE DO YOU FIND MOST BELIEVEABLE? Over the last few weeks I have thoroughly analyzed four uniquely different detective stories. Each story was gripping and compelling in its own way. The first story I read was titled 'A Wife in a Million' by Val McDermid. Basically in this story detective Maggie Staniforth is called in to investigate mysterious murders occurring in the area, whilst trying to keep her relationship under control. The second story is titled 'The Man with the twisted Lip' written by the legendary Sir Arthur Conan Doyle'. In this detective story Detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner Dr James Watson try to unravel an ominous case where a man seems to vanish without a trace. In this case Holmes has to use all his legendary detective qualities to unravel a truly bizarre case. The third story which I read was titled 'superfluous Murder' written by Milward Kennedy. In this ironic story Mr. John Mansbridge attempts to kill his cousin Felix Mansbridge in a bitter money dispute, however it becomes evident that John Mansbridge is too smart for his own good, and it is up to the detective to unravel a truly superfluous murder. ...read more.


evidence, looks at something from all angles, comes to a conclusion and unlike the detective in 'Superfluous Murder' is open to other ideas "The impression of a woman may be more valuable than the conclusion of an analytical reasoner..." and "...maybe you will see a spark where all is dark to me" Also what makes Sherlock Holmes more believable is like Maggie in 'A Wife in a Million' he is devoted to his work "...his mind would go for days, and even for a week, without rest". Also unlike Maggie in 'A Wife in a Million' Sherlock Holmes always keeps his emotions under control and doesn't let anything get in the way of him solving the case. Something else which makes Sherlock Holmes believable is that he was not the perfect detective as he did make mistakes whilst trying to solve the case. For instance Holmes assumed that Neville St.Clare was dead before he read his letter, but then later he finds out that Neville St.Clare is still alive. Despite all of this I believe that the ending of the story made the detective a bit less convincing, as I believe that it would be unlikely for a detective to just waltz into a murder suspect's room without any objections from the police officer on duty. ...read more.


Since he came from America "I am American by birth and by upbringing" it is surprising that he doesn't sound very American at all, in my opinion he sounds more British than American. So basically it would take much more than an once of shag and five pillows to make me believe that these detectives were something other than a work of fiction. My conclusion to reading all four of these stories is that the detective in Superfluous Murder is the most convincing out of all five detectives I have studied. I believe this as this detective basically had all the good points of all the other detectives and very few of the bad points. The only debatable thing about this detective is the fact that he is not described as a character and you do not get any idea of his personal life like Maggie in 'a wife in a million'. However the sheer ease in which he solves a bizarre crime is excellent and he uses all the skill a real life detective would need. To sum it up, this detective was so believable that it was hard to believe my self that the detective in 'superfluous murder' was fictional. 1736 words English Homework Folasayo Ogundele ...read more.

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