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After spending one lazy day on Ao Leuk, we decided that, on our second we ought to compel ourselves into action somewhat and take a walk

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´╗┐The Jungle Is Massive: A Story of Getting Lost and Scared After several days spent in the Internet-free and beautiful beach of Ao Leuk on Ko Tao, we?ve now returned to the familiar comforts of Bangkok, before heading for home at the crack of dawn tomorrow and finally arriving some time in the evening. After spending one lazy day on Ao Leuk, we decided that, on our second we ought to compel ourselves into action somewhat and take a walk around Ko Tao. The island is great to walk around, being so small (it?s only a few kilometres wide) but also tough going, thanks to the blazing heat and hilly terrain. So I asked my father ? Dad why don?t we got to Ko Tao. Anyways we used to live over there. We can see what all have changed by now.? My dad replied ? Maybe, we should. Anyways, it?s somewhere we used to live right. There?s nothing much happening over here.? We set off to the southern tip in order to take a stroll and a swim around the beach where we first stayed on Ko Tao a few years ago, Ao Kul Jeua. Just leaving Ao Leuk is a fairly strenuous business, it being at the bottom of a steep, unpaved monsoon-ravaged track, but after an hour?s sweaty progress, we reached our destination. ...read more.


that, while not exactly matching, gave us a general idea of where to head and equalled, joy of joys, more steep ascents. I was cursing myself at this point of time for suggesting an opinion of going to Ko Tao. We understood that we had to walk up beyond the massive wind turbine at the summit of the hill and keep going in order to reach our bay but it became clear, after quite some walk, that the road we were on headed nowhere much toward where we wanted to be. My little brother said ?Ummm?.do we have any idea where we are heading to?. I answered back ?Keep your mouth shut?. At this stage, we were still able to laugh at the silliness of our situation, and what a picture of incompetence two bright red, soaked-in-sweat, lost tourists must have made, but the thought was entering the back of our minds that, as the sun got lower and lower in the sky, so our torchless descent down a boulder strewn, sand covered 90 degree path would become more treacherous quite quickly. We scrapped that path and took a punt on following a sign toward ?Nice Moon Bungalows? which, although it didn?t actually share a part of Ao Leuk bay, was near enough on the map, might have a path leading to home, and would certainly be staffed by friendly people who would point us in an unquestionably correct direction ...read more.


To navigate the narrow, dusty jungle-surrounded trail we?d just carefully walked down in pitch blackness was not an option we cared to think to hard about, so we just ran; all those wildly steep downward gradients were now upward, complete with sandy-slipperiness and jutting roots and rocks. In my life, I?ve never run so fast up a hill so steep, and definitely not in a tropical climate. The apparent eternity later, when we reached the summit again, we were both drenched to the skin, with dusty, sore feet (this whole ordeal, needless to say, was conducted in flip-flops), wheezing and coughing, but at least we were now on a lit road. We trekked back the few kilometres to civilization (only after having got directions from a guy on a motorbike with one hand on a handlebar and, in the other, I kid you not, a rifle), exhausted but relieved, fell upon the local 7 Eleven to buy a torch and two bottles of water and enlisted a man with a truck to drive us to the top of the descent at Ao Leuk, which isn?t navigable by any sensible driver after dark. From there, new torch in hand, we slowly, slidily and joyfully picked our way down to the beach that, some time earlier we?d stared at, with longing futility and ebbing hope from the top of a jungle ledge, and fell upon the bar to explain the whole ordeal to our confused but sympathetic Thai hosts. Word Count : 1436 ...read more.

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