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After What you Gave me I Had a choice And I Chose Me - Educating Rita

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After What you Gave me I Had a choice And I Chose Me. Rita White is a married hairdresser living on a council estate in Liverpool. In her youth she despised school, along with all her friends, family and parents, although as we later find out she only despised school due to others doing the same: "not that I went along with it so reluctantly. I mean, there was always somethin' in me head tappin' away tellin' me I might have got it all wrong". She herself desperately wanted to learn and achieve relatively high standards in school. Rita even told her mother: "I always thought boardin' school sounds great, schools like that, y'know with a tuck-shop an' a matron an' prep. An' a pair of kids called Jones minor an' Jones major. I told me mother once. She said I was off me cake". School however in her area was not considered "a skill of life", so she failed, along with all her friends. In the time Rita was at school children that were not very intelligent did not receive any special tutoring or help as they would in the present time. ...read more.


You then continue with the work that has just given to you for the next time you return. This process is continued for up to two years per course. Then, if one wishes, another course may be undertaken. Frank is assigned as Rita's lecturer, a man in his late forties with an addiction to whisky and cigarettes. In my opinion someone without the qualities of Frank would not change Rita's life as much as he does. This could be for the simple reason that Frank is a teacher and Rita his student, however I think this is due to their personalities that Rita and Frank get on so well straight away. Within the first forty minutes Frank asks Rita to change tutors as he thinks he is not good enough for her. Her reply to this is: "I'm on this course, you are my teacher an' you're gonna bleedin' well teach me!". There is a special quality which both of them posses, their opposing personalities. You can tell this just by listening to them. ...read more.


Frank delves deeper into issues, looking for less obvious meanings to them. In return, she teaches him to think a in a more straight forward way. An example of bluntness or straightforwardness is when she is asked to solve the staging difficulties Ibsen's Peer Gynt her reply is: "do it on the radio". This answer is spot on, as Ibsen himself states that he "wrote the play as a play for voices, never intending it to go in the theatre." Whatever attempts are made by Denny or Rita's parents to deter her from attending Open University prove futile. For Denny's part, even burning Rita's books does nothing to change her mind. Rita is most probably ignoring Denny and her parents either because they have deeply upset Rita or she is exasperated with their blinkered way of life. My personal opinion is that: "after what you gave me I had a choice and I chose me." is the reason why Rita ignores the ones who are closest to her. This does not mean she was abused or mistreated, but simply that she wants the 'real' her to emerge: the educated, confident and cultured Rita. The "me" she chooses is the potential Rita. ...read more.

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