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Against Honour Killing

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Against Honour Killing By Amy Sanders You may be aware of what barbaric, brutish and bestial cruelty goes on between many Asian and Middle Eastern communities and families or most likely, you won't be in the slightest. Would you kill your wife if she had been raped? No? Would you kill your daughter if she had been sexually assaulted? No? Would you kill your sister if she was seeking a divorce from her abusive husband? No? Well, in some people's eyes all three are viewed as being acceptable and in most cases - a necessary course of action. Killing in the name of "honour" is usually committed by male family members against a female relative, but in some cases and communities, mothers and sisters may also play a part. Rukhsana Naz, 19, wanted to divorce her husband to marry her boyfriend by whom she was pregnant. ...read more.


Worldwide it is a much larger issue; The United Nations Population Fund estimates that the annual total of killings is over 5,000 women. In the UK, murders have sometimes taken place after a family member has reacted excessively violent to their son or daughter taking on the trappings of western culture. Ram Gidoomal CBE of the South Asian Development adds: "Asian families who come to Britain are unprepared for the changed cultural environment. Young people have real problems trying to cope. Many of these youngsters live in two worlds". One example of this is a killing of a teenage girl who belonged to a Kurdish family in London. In 2002, Heshu Yones was brutally stabbed to death by her own father, Abdullah, simply because he disapproved of her western dress and Christian boyfriend. In this case, Mr Yones attempted suicide by cutting his throat then jumping from a third floor balcony. ...read more.


You may speculate over what is being done to help these vulnerable women. To cut a long story short - not nearly enough. Although, in 2003, the Metropolitan Police set up a strategic task force to tackle the issue. A specialist unit was given the task of researching honour crimes and 100 murder files spanning the last decade. With no progress, the unit was dropped. Mr Gidoomal has been campaigning on the issue since the early nineties. He claims that the authorities need to look further than just murder cases to get to the bottom of honour crimes. "Suicide, attempted murder and injuries can all fall into the category of honour killing", he says. Honour is acknowledged as a positive word. Clearly, calling a killing an "honour crime" is a contradiction of terms. Talking and discussing after an "honour crime" has happened is too little too late. You really have to unpack its true content if you really want to deal with an issue. ...read more.

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