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Against Peace

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LAGEISHON MOHANADAS PEACE? NOT WELCOMED HERE! Many people in this world strive for peace. But, do we want everything to be in peace? Do we want things to be silent? Serene? Still? Unhurried? Calm? There are some things that were never meant to be peaceful and never should be. The Suez-Sinai War killed hundreds. The Kashmir Conflict killed thousands, and is still not satisfied. The Korean War killed tens of thousands. The Iran-Iraq War was a horrific exhibition that showed the world how to kill using chemicals instead of guns and bombs. The Sri Lankan Civil War uprooted as many as a million Tamils from their homeland. These wars are merely a sample of the wars that have shattered earth. ...read more.


If that olive branch represents peace within our body, then it also represents death. Being very fond of life, anything related with peace should be stricken down and killed here. If peace is serene, then peace is hundreds of light years away from what white blood cells do best - murdering viruses and harmful bacteria. These millions of soldiers protect our body from terrorists much like the United States protects its people from the destructive eyes of Osama bin Laden. But killing - whether to defend or offend - is not serene. In these cases, it doesn't have to be. If white blood cells must maintain peace, then cancer must be welcomed with open arms. ...read more.


This pulsating beat is the source of life. Surely, this beat is favored over silence. If silence is not welcomed here, then what business does peace have? Furthermore, every second, the heart rigorously pumps blood throughout the body. This hurriedly explodes through the veins and gushes to many organs. Blood is a symbol of war, yet it is found in every nook and cranny in our body. If peace does not like gushing, streaming, bursting, boiling blood, then peace can leave, for life loves blood and many love life. Do we still want peace everywhere? Not quite. Peace should be maintained within countries, states, cities, and even neighbours. But, never for a moment think that peace must be maintained within the body. For when peace enters, life leaves. So let's not welcome peace here and live life a little bit longer. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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