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Al Jazeera Another perspective?

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Al Jazeera - Another perspective? During the last few years, Al Jazeera has received global recognition as one of the most influential brands in the world. The news channel is identified as a serious news bureau. The channel claims to represent an objective and neutral perspective, and it wants to correct people's misinterprets regarding Arab culture. The question is whether or not the world is dependent on a news channel that represents a different perspective. Will the news channel improve the understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims? And will Al Jazeera successfully improve Arab-American relations? Does the cultural background affect you as a journalist? The number of satellites in the Middle East increased dramatically during the period between 1990 and 2005. Al Jazeera has become the most popular tv-channel in the Middle East. ...read more.


The news has created a perspective of the situation that has been unchanged. Many therefore think of the Middle East synonymously with poverty and war. The terrible first impression of the policy that is performed in the Middle East will also affect other perceptions of countries in the area. I think the news channel is an important element for Muslims in different countries, because it functions as a connection point for Muslim people. Al Jazeera guarantees to distribute news with a realistic perspective, and consequently people will begin to respect and understand Muslim people. Moreover, they are able to protect their own identity as Muslims. Al Jazeera does also give Muslims multiple options, because they can keep themselves updated with international news. I am convinced of the fact that Al Jazeera has the opportunity to change Americans' perceptions regarding the Muslim culture. ...read more.


Nevertheless, given that such an attack had occurred, I think that many would blame the Al Qaida or other terrorist groups in the Middle East. In contrast to several U.S. newspapers, I am sure that Al Jazeera would have presented the issue in a professional manner, avoiding any urgent conclusions. I think that most people should be more skeptical of the information that is distributed through the media. Most of the impressions we have got from the Middle East originate mostly from the media. Therefore, the media has an important role in our lives. Unfortunately, the Muslim people have never had the opportunity to change people's opinion of their culture. Now that Al Jazeera has become such a popular news channel, I believe that more people gradually are going to think differently about the Muslim culture. ?? ?? ?? ?? Julian Riise Tuesday, April 28, 2009 Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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