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Albert Camus

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What messages does Camus have for the readers and why do we think the book was popular with the people of his generation? Albert Camus was a man of many great potential prospects. In his books he captures the absurdity of living and "the idea that human life has no redeeming meaning of its purpose" and that no matter life threats you there is one certainty and that is death. Camus wrote his famous book "the outsider" during the 1940's, it became an instant well-liked book by the teenagers. In this essay I will try to explore Camus' explanation of life and obstacles that one must face before death. Meursaults mother had previously passed away and yet he shows no pain upon this sorrowful occasion, "mama died today or yesterday maybe, I don't know". This indicates to us that Meursault paid little attention to his mothers needs and therefore upon receiving the news of her death he should no heartache. The "I don't know" suggest to me that he didn't care and really couldn't be bothered to receive any more of her news. ...read more.


Maria is said to be less enlightened than Meursault, this is because she see's the world in a beautiful way and the absurdity in that is that her fianc� has a totally different explanation in the meaning of life. Tensions embarks when Meursault collided with one of his neighbor Raymond Sintes, he is said to "live of women". Raymond leads Meursalut into his final destination later on in the book by simply convincing him to join his plan in bringing his so called unfaithful mistress back just so he can beat her up even more. "He'd beaten her till she bled" this gives us the impression that Raymond was an awful man and the illogical thing is that Meursault was still willing to help him. "He didn't have any reason but to" this shows us that he does not make a difference between what is good at bad. To this extent it proves to us that "he does not place any value judgment on his act, and writes the letter mainly because he has the time and the ability to do so". ...read more.


He'd rather tell Marie his real feelings than to fake it and leave her shattered in tears later on. The absurdity of life is drawn through these aspects as the man known as the "reject" is actually the man that makes sense most of all. The outsiders should in fact be the people that enjoy life as if it's never going to end. Camus has presented us with reality and told us that there is no meaning of life and that you just live life day by day and whether you accept it or not, you will die sooner or later. Its just we humans love to look at the fantasy side of life whereas Camus presented Meursaults character as a person that simply does not make the distinction between good and bad in his own mind. Personally I think that this book would have made teenagers relies that life is not all wonderful and sooner you will have responsibilities and consequences for your action, just like Meursault and of course no matter how rich or poor, healthy or not, death is a certain thing and there is no escaping it. ...read more.

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