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Alcohol Argument

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Alcohol Arshad Bhoyroo My fellow citizens, I stand here today in order to express my views of the growing concern that is destroying our civilization at a global scale, alcohol. At a time when our community strives during tides of prosperity and the still waters of peace, alcohol has rapidly taken us amidst gathering clouds and raging storms. Alcohol has lead to some of the worst problems that our society has ever experience. For example, out of 1,000 adults, 47 are likely to be dependent on alcohol; this is double the amount of people who are dependent on illegal drugs. This is very worrying for our society as people will tend to be frightened of such disorderly community. Alcohol also causes health, social and economic problems and is blamed for causing death, disruption and damage. ...read more.


This substance has damaged many lives; addicting people and making them crave for more. It is estimated that 90% of the UK population drink alcohol and it costs up to 25 billion pounds every year! We cannot hide how economy has been badly weakened by foolish people who incorporate with the trading of alcohol. All sensible people will cry out loud "ban alcohol". But can our government legislate to this? According to a newspaper report of the times, our alcohol inhibited representative are spending colossal amount of our hard earned money at entertaining themselves at government ceremonies and parties. Although the UK population has young population, in the words of the scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things such as the adrenaline of taking alcohol and reaffirm our enduring spirit to carry on as civilised humans. ...read more.


Now, there are some who may question the scale of our ambitions - who suggest that the system cannot tolerate too many big plans. They are clearly alcoholics who are in the way of human development and the truth. Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin again the work of remaking the sane civilisation that we had had before the foolish invention of alcohol. We must restore trust with the government by making them come to realisation of how alcohol is affecting the society. By laying these new foundations, we will succeed for a better community and make the world a rational place. By removing the alcohol legacy from the community, we will be able to create a safer, sane and successful atmosphere for our civilisation. I can therefore conclude that if people started protesting and abolish alcohol, the vision of the drunken men walking into dustbins and lamp-posts every Friday night will exist no more. ...read more.

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