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Alcohol - Drinking Teens

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Mini-skirts and wee tops, killer heels, the make up and 'her girlfriends,' what more could a girl ask for. Well I wouldn't ask for anything else apart from a pocket full of cash to buy the rounds of drink. Going down to the bamboo beach club is a big hit for us girls at the weekend. Plenty of dancing, drink, and the drinking games - unreal! Although, I must say, we shouldn't even be in that club but when me and the girls get dressed up for a night out, our main motto is 'Dress to Impress'. That's what gets us into the club but we usually carry our fake ID's, just incase. I know what it feels like to be pressurised into drinking way too much and you teenagers these days don't seem to be able to say no when you get offered a drink. Celebrities today are said to be good 'role models' but to be honest have you actually seen them? ...read more.


Nine months of agony and becoming increasingly fat, yano what I mean. But having said that, I would do anything for Summer, now 15 months, but its hard work. Sex isn't the only thing where 'accidents' can happen. Drink-driving! Every 22 minutes someone is killed or seriously injured in an alcohol-related accident. Many teens would take all seriousness away from drink driving. As the saying goes, 'don't drink drive ... you might spill your drink' but do youths actually realise the devastation in families whose lives have been destroyed because of drink-drivers. It's not only the teens that drink who are the victims. What about the innocent people who are just out for a walk or a drive? Education systems seem to be fit to teach the you kids about the need for reflex actions, parallel lines, imagery and the rest, but what about these things that are happening everyday life, the alcohol abuse and consequences. To show you pupils the real alcoholics, what they look like and how they are living. ...read more.


The supermarkets are just as bad. With the new checkout system alcohol can be bought by anyone of any age and I've yet to see a young person being stopped from buying drink because of their age. Do the supervisors not notice this or are they just choosing to ignore it. Is this not a serious offence to sell alcohol to an underage drinker? If the consumer had had an accident then it would be partially the sellers fault. If they hadn't sold the drink then the accident might not have happened. My point of view is that governments should check the clubs, off licences and supermarkets to make sure alcohol is not being sold to underage teens. Bouncers in clubs should also be checking ID's properly and not just glancing over it. Sure, who would know what could happen ... drinks spiked or even rapes. Many health problems and road deaths associated with alcohol can be prevented if people start to work together and stop under aged teens drinking obsessive amounts of alcohol. Teens stop and think about what could happen before you go abusing alcohol. Remember, anything can happen! ...read more.

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