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Alcoholism. The reason why I chose to research this topic is because lots and lots of people tend to drink a lot. I wonder why they love to drink so much, I mean its not even that good it taste so bitter and have this really stinky stench.

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Alcoholism The reason why I chose to research this topic is because lots and lots of people tend to drink a lot. I wonder why they love to drink so much, I mean its not even that good it taste so bitter and have this really stinky stench. I've always wonder why my family likes to drink it so much for any special occasions that we do, all I see is drink, drink and drink everywhere. Why do they love to drink so much, I don't see any good from it and I think it makes you more stupider. Why do people like alcohol so much? The health issue for drinking alcohol is that to many underage kids are drinking to much. They drink even when they are not suppose to especially if they were at a party they would want to look cool and go drinking with other peer. Parents are always concern about teens who drink cause the damage to there life can't get back easily. The controversy surrounding alcohol is that College students and other teens believe that they should be able to drink at the age of 18 and while parents and other authorities think that the legal age for drinking should be 21. Parents don't want anyone one under 21 to drink is because if they drink they might get addicted to alcohol and may get into a lot of stupid troubles. ...read more.


I can also try to influence other teens to take some class to help them stop. If none of this work, then I guess its their life someday they would understand when I try to help them and they didn't accept the help. Hazelden Center For Youth And Families 680 Stewart Avenue St.Paul, MN. 55102 (651)213-4200 www.hazelden.org Anthony Louis Center 115 Forestview Lane Plymouth, MN 55441 (763)542-9212 www.anthonylouisenter.com Way Side House Inc. 3705 Park Center Blvd. St. Louis, MN 55416 (952)926-5626 www.waysidehouse.org Name: Anonymous Last: Anonymous Race: Asian Age: 29 Height: 5"5 Sex: Men I chose to interview this person because he is a close family member of mine and I want to know why he likes to drink a lot. I want to know what the life of a drinker is and see if they are doing stuff like those people I see in the news most of the time about rapes and abused. Lee: Why do you like to drink? Anonymous: I like to drink because it gives me less suffering. Lee: How does it give you less suffering? Anonymous: It gives me less suffering because it takes out my stress, it makes me forget everything for that moment and I can be myself. Lee: But Don't you know what the out come is? Anonymous: I do but its worth it because I've always have stress and so far this is the only thing that really helps me forget everything and just be happy. ...read more.


Lee: Are you sure its really worth everything? Anonymous: Its been worth everything so far now. Lee: What's the point of drinking though, when your going to lose a lot from it? Anonymous: Drinking is everything, doesn't really matter if I lose it makes me feel so good, nothing has ever made me feel this good before. Lee: What do you gain from it? Anonymous: For me I gain happiness but for you I don't know, and you wouldn't understand cause your not me. Lee: Isn't there lots of other stuff in this world that can make you happy? Anonymous: There is other stuff that makes me happy, But it doesn't have the feeling of happiness I get from drinking, it don't feel as good as the feeling I get from drinking alcohol. Lee: Is there anything in this world other then alcohol that can make you happy? Anonymous: Yes there is but you cant bring the dead back to life. Lee: But would he/she be happy for all this drinking, just think about it, would they be happy from what you are doing? Anonymous: I'm not sure... Lee: If your not sure then why are you still drinking? Anonymous: Because.....I.... its my life.... Lee: You should think about everything again and if your decisions is still the same then I guess, live the one you want. Lee: Anyways Thanks for the interview. Reference: www.abovetheinfluence.com kidshealth.org alcohol-facts.com www.drugfree.org ...read more.

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