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Alex Essay ,Dreams, Mice and Men

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How far does Steinback present dreams as futile in 'Of mice and men'. Essay by Alex Mason In'Of mice and men', John Steinback, who wrote this novel. presents dreams as an ironic theme in this story. Dreams that are destroyed even before they are known to the reader, Steinback has created them to show us that everyone needs a future plan not just to keep rhem going but to give the lesser man a reason for being excited and living life, it shows how to people outside the book the dreams seem a mirage but to people like Lennie and George it is what is pushing them to carry on. He uses the 'American Dream' as a mirage throughout this novel. The first and most documented dream in this novel is that of George and Lennies which goes on to be that of Candy's too. The dream of owning a piece of land to work and live where they can have cows, pigs, chicken a vegetable patch with alfalfa and rabbits.This dream is what seems to keep Lennie sane as whenever he feels sad he asks George to tell him about this dream they are hoping for. George announces "OK Someday - we're gonna get the jack together and we're gonna have a little house and a couple of acres and a cow and some pigs and ......" ...read more.


Curley's wife is waiting for a Hollywood director to mail her about becoming an actress. The dream is destroyed by her marriage to Curley because once she is married she is not allowed to pursue an acting career because she has to look after the house, and that Curley will not let her leave. Her dream is also destroyed by a Hollywood director who believed she had the potential to become a film actress. Curley's wife meets this director at a dance and he promises he would send her a letter about acting in his one of his films, but she never gets the letter so she does not become an actress which is her dream. Her marriage to Curley and the Hollywood director who has not mailed her about her acting career destroys her dream. Both these dreams so far are both easy to call an illusion that is in a way futile as based around the setting and personas of the characters in'Of mice and men' are what contradicts the reasoning of them succeeding the dreams they have. Lennie's ambition to look after rabbits shows him to be a gentle man in spite of the violence that goes on in the novel. Candy's dream of sharing in George and Lennie's plans give him more depth, particularly after the death of his dog. Curley's wife 's dream reveals another side to her character. ...read more.


This is most clearly shown by Candy who talks about not only George and Lennie's dream but the dreams of many men at that time for a piece of land of their own. Dreams are a significant motif in Steinbeck's 'Of Mice and Men' as it plays a massive part in the novel. From reading this book I have gathered my own opinion, this is what I think. Steinbeck is trying to achieve, well for me anyway, to get across the message that dreams need to be first set by your own standards, you aim low then aim high when you have achieved your first goal. That way you aren't shocked when your overall life dream isn't yet visible in your current situation. This is one of the main themes of the novel, Of mice and men' in my opinion; you got to have a goal to aim for to give you reason to carry on. Also another point Steinbeck was trying to get across is that the 'American Dream' is just a dream, if you fall for it you are in for very long wait to live it, it's a mirage an idyllic hope that's there to feed your imagination, "each mind was popped into the future when this lovely thing should come about". This quote said by Steinbeck means it's a pretend future - not in the real present, giving us the conclusion that Steinbeck is saying these dreams are not real; they are just a bunch of rhythmically words repeated over and over again. ...read more.

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