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Alien versus predator.

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Alien versus predator David signed his name in the logging in book. Casually he glanced down the list of recorded contacts. Sunspots, casual radio traffic between the Moon and Earth, messages from Mire, not what any of them were looking for. He walked quickly into the great telescope room with the banks of computers recording the photographs from the antique Hubble Telescope. The printer he really wanted to operate remained obstinately silent. The printer that would clatter into life when alien life was detected! For twenty years he had maintained the telescope. His children regarded it as almost joke- Dad�s stargazing. His family, Gloria his wife, Gail his daughter whose university career began tomorrow and lanky, long-legged James the basketball player. He thought about Gloria�s speech to both of the children at the dinner table earlier that evening. "You know Gail, before I met your father my family, we lived in Alabama. We were the first of our kind to live there and the jeering the shouting the comments we used to get. My brothers were taunted at, spat at, even punched hit and kicked at. I never got the chance like you have now. You have your whole life ahead of you, you must grasp it and hang onto it because you only have one chance and the chances you get are precious. I have never told anyone this but when I was growing up this was when we just moved into Alabama I was about 5, I knew what was going on from the beginning I could see the looks people were giving me, I could here their whispered comment but worst of all I saw one of us butchered in the ...read more.


Do I make myself clear!" This little speech had woken David up completely so he was able to give a sarcastically approach, he did this by shouting "Yes drill sergeant!" the Junior officer behind started a little giggle and the officer immediately gave him the stare of all stares. In the meanwhile David rushed upstairs to get ready. The truck David was supposed to get into was parked right in front of his house so he got in. Inside were about five ordinary people. The echo of silence bounced around the inside of the truck so David didn�t want to break this silence by greeting anyone. The journey to the voting centre was about 25 minutes and when they had arrived they were each promptly shown where to go outside. First there were rows and rows of tables, on them was a computer and behind that was a Policeman. Behind the police seemed to be some kind of porter-loo and behind the porter-loo there seemed to be some big machine. The rows of desks and porter-loo ranged for about a kilometre. When David came to the desk the officer asked "Name, age, gender, location." After David had submitted these he was told to go into the what seemed to be a porter-loo. Inside were two buttons. Next to each button were the words "For" and "Against" Above the buttons was the bill stating what is going to happen. The button for was in green and against in red. David noticed that the button for had looked more worn and that more people had pressed that. ...read more.


Black people from each corner of America were here. Up in the sky was the Alien spacecraft. It looked like flying chrome plated giant sea -shell. It was about 1 km high and 3 wide. "Dad! Oh I never thought I would see you again." Cried James from the line opposite and a few metres back. " James why aren�t you in China with your mother and sister?" asked David "We were stopped at the airport and made to come here! Mum and Gail are in other que's!" shouted James at the top of his voice so his dad could here him over the entire hubbub. "1 Minute till exchange" a computerised voice bellowed across the beach. "You know America is made up of about 60% white people, 26% black and the rest are Hispanics and other people. All the whites probably voted us all out and the Hispanics and others voted either way." Said one-man in front of David to him. This just made David more angry and resentful towards white people and to think he let this vote take place thinking the white people would support their fellow black American. "5 seconds" said the computer. The space ship was starting to open up; a brilliant green beam of light was coming out of it. "Two, one! Let the exchange commence." The light latched itself onto one row and it seemed to scan the row, then another and another it did about four rows randomly then the same voice that was on the tape spoke out again, this time it was much clearer. "People of Rarxubim what is the meaning of this!" bellowed the voice "WE asked for the inferior plagued species, the white people!" David began to laugh. The End ...read more.

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