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Alienation - creative piece

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The gleaming sunlight shone through the dense canopy, piercing his dull chocolate eyes. Edwin's dark complexion absorbed the shimmering sun's rays, whilst his fellow comrades blossomed vibrantly under the yellow array, and remained a shadow under the bulky oaks. The elves tracked a party of goblins for three vigorous days, hoping to annihilate their clan and finally end the chaos in the vast forest of Hallow. Their steps, as quick as a cheetah and as stealthy as a cat, manoeuvred through the harsh terrain of dense shrubs, decayed logs, and muddy foliage in search of their pray. Edwin was the first of the four to feel the rush of fatigue immersing him, and was left with a drought of energy. "Now is not the time to linger comrade, we are right on their tails," stated Myrth, as his sharp eagle eyes glimpsed Edwin's sudden loss of momentum. "I'm sorry fellow kindred, I am somewhat drained from the excess hiking," replied Edwin as he placed himself on a bare rock, gasping to fill his empty lungs with air. ...read more.


The elves started to struggle in holding their ground as the goblin's numbers were substantially larger. As the night grew older, more blood was spilt and the elves could not maintain the goblins anymore. "FALL BACK!" shouted Myrth, "FALL BACK!" The elves swiftly evaded many of their fierce attackers and dashed into the dark, densely packed oaks. Followed closely behind, was the uproar of swarming goblins with monstrous axes in their demeaning grasp. Edwin followed Myrth and the others in escaping the large mass. As the gruesome wails grew less with every step, they were convinced that they had escaped the horrible goblins. Suddenly, a twisted cry fell upon their narrow-tipped ears and a goblin swung its sharp steel axe, piercing Edwin's leg. Evariah quickly responded with a gracious swing of her divine blade across its distorted neck, and it fell instantly. Edwin roared in pain, and consequently attracted the rampaging goblins. "We must flee now!" exclaimed Arwen. The sound of screaming monsters gradually increased and the group grew ever more hesitant of the situation. ...read more.


"What will you do with me?" asked the elf bluntly. Its foul grin grew wider. "Nothing," he simply replied. "As an elf, you are immortal. So I am going to do nothing with you, and let you rot in that pit for the rest of eternity." The elf was not surprised, nor did he care. He simply sat there, staring at the moist soil surrounding him. After a long pause, the goblin blatantly asked, "You are an elf. Why are you not as beautiful as the rest?" "Oh I am much more beautiful than they are. I would never have succumbed in letting one of my comrades fall behind and get captured," the elf replied, still staring into the vast shades of brown in the soil. "Haha. Maybe they disowned you because of how hideous you are!" laughed the goblin. Infuriated, the elf exclaimed "That is a very bold statement, especially coming from the likes of you!" With clenched teeth, deep breathing, and a violent glare in his eyes, the elf rose up and twisted his arms around his neck. He pulled the metal chains as tight as he could, and as the light from his dull, chocolate eyes faded away, dropped to the ground. ...read more.

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