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All Animals Are Equal, But Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others. Insipred by Animal Farm, write a story illustrating this principle.

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Hannah Louise Davies 25 September 2002 GCSE ENGLISH ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL, BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS. Inspired by Animal Farm, write a story illustrating the above principle. The air is cold, my surroundings are white; have I reached heaven yet? "Get your ugly face out of this bed now! You know the drill now move it!" No I'm still alive, still here suffering in this cold miserable dump where nothing ever changes apart from the colour of my skin. The name's Hannah and this is my fourth year in NEP BOARDING SCHOOL FOR GIRLS and in the four years I've been here I've never found out what NEP meant. Could it be never ending punishments, (which goes with the schools criteria) or could it stand for never ending parties? Some how the second suggestion doesn't sound much like this school, there hasn't been any parties for years not even a party for graduation what's all that about? Aren't they glad to get rid of us? It's quarter past six (in the morning I must add!) and it's cold and miserable, my hair is a mess I can't feel my toes and to add to the list I've just been kicked in the head by Tina. ...read more.


Hannah Davies, are you behind this act of stupidity? It won't surprise me!" The head demands. How the hell does she know I'm behind this? I hate it when people do that it gets right up my nose. "Right, gather up" I whisper "It's time to make the next move. We've got one hostage but she's not valuable enough. We need a teacher or better still the deputy head! Girls have any of you got any idea of how we can do this?" The room goes quiet; every girl looks at each other "Well?" I ask. "I've got an idea, but it'll need a hell of a lot of planning" Leigh commands "What's the plan then?" I say in anticipation. "The Head has her lunch break at quarter past two right! What's the next thing she does?" Silence fills the room "I'll tell you what she does, she goes down to the deputy Heads office to drop off the post which takes about five minutes. Then, she leaves the building at around twenty past two and goes through the tunnel." Silence occurred "Come on girls, a reaction would be nice" "What are you getting at?" I say "Do we attack her or something?" "No, we mug her. We have enough allies to help us, all we have to do is get her back in the main office and we can take it from there." ...read more.


So excuse me for being a little late." "Look, don't rant at me. I've done you a massive favour by getting this you know! It hasn't been an easy job. Here, give it to her quickly I think she's starting to turn a funny colour!" As I help Mari take her inhaler I notice it has gone extremely quiet. It's as if I'm standing in a morgue not a playground. I apologise to Cara for shouting at her, "It's ok; it's been a hectic day! Han, can I tell you a secret?" She whispered "Yeah sure! What is it?" I question. "Get as far as you can away from here. They're plotting against you both; they're in the office trying to decide how they're going to evict you from NEP" "The NEP, what are you on about?" As I look into her eyes I see hatred burning inside. My heart races, my throat feels as if it has rings around it trying to suffocate me. "Take my advice; get out of here as soon as possible. Take Mari with you. God knows what Commander Angharad will do to her if she steps into the office. Go Hannah, you must leave now!" I look around trying to figure out where I've gone wrong. "Get them" Angharad commands "She must not live here in our community, get her!" I'm running, God knows where Mari and I end up. Heaven I suppose. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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