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All characters in “of mice and men” are essentially lonely.Consider 3 of the characters in the light of statement.

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All characters in "of mice and men" are essentially lonely. Consider 3 of the characters in the light of statement. Plan: > Introduction. > General loneliness in the book. > Characters that suffer most loneliness (Crooks, Candy, Curley's wife). > Why do they suffer from loneliness. > How do they feel? > Conclusion. Essay (min. 4 sides) In Of Mice and Men of Steinbeck almost all characters suffer of loneliness, this is because ranch workers don't have a lot of chances to meet people and be very good friends, like in one rare case of the book: George and Lennie. In fact friendship in that time was a very rare thing. Many ranch people also suffered from loneliness because they moved around a lot and it was difficult to make friends. For black people friendship was almost impossible because racism was very common, almost everyone hated black people, and they didn't have many rights, and many people when angry would take it out on black people because they were racist. ...read more.


would have done this because he knew that no body would hire him because of his age, this shows how desperately lonely he feels. Another character who suffered from loneliness was Curley's wife , who was considered a "Tart" by everyone on the ranch. She had a bad husband who didn't provide her any company or love, she was considered as an object of pleasure by her husband. She had no one to talk to about her dreams, in fact she flirted with all the men on the ranch, to do this she dresses in a nice red dress; the colour red can be seen as passion and love but also as danger, that is what she is. She is dangerous because she is the wife of the Bosses son: Curley. But one day Curley's wife is flirting with Lennie(the bear), and she tells him that her hair is very soft so Lennie starts stroking it, but she wants him to stop because she likes thinks he's ruining it. ...read more.


A guy gets too lonely and he gets sick". Crooks said to Lennie: "Maybe you can see now. You got George. You know he's goin' to come back. S'pose you didn't have nobody. S'pose you couldn't go into the bunk house and play rummy 'cause you was black. How'd you like that?' To show how people didn't even consider black people Steinbeck has made a good point: Candy tells George that he didn't tell anyone but Crooks, which means that Crooks wasn't considered. The book talks a lot about loneliness as you have seen in what I've written. As I said at beginning in those times friendship wasn't very common, in fact if you didn't have a friend are people's respect you were out. In 'Of Mice an Men' most people suffered loneliness, some of them like Curley's wife had some respect because she was the Bosses son's husband and people were afraid of her. But it didn't help much. Loneliness is not a very common thing now, because there are more ways to make friends because there are more possibilities of having some things in common. ...read more.

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