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All great poems are about death

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All great poems are about death and the three chosen poems are great in the anthology. The poets's explore the different aspects of death and while doing this allow the reader to relate to the poems. In Remember, Rossetti explores the acceptance of death revealing her views forward, by using euphemism and iambic pentameter. Whilst in Refugee Mother and Child, Achebe shows us the mother's unwavering love for the child and the positive way of seeing death .The enjambment being used creates a sense of something heartbreaking and touching towards the Nigerian refugees. Lastly in the poem Plena Timoris we see how extreme love could lead to despair and death. The alliteration and juxtaposition used in this poem makes this a truly great piece. What I found intriguing about these poems was how there are many different ways a person could feel towards death and how they express it. Christina Rossetti is a devote Anglican to whom church and family were paramount. It is known that two marriage proposals which did not live up to her religious fervour; therefore, she turned them down. ...read more.


Though this is the case the mother is still holding on to his dear life, and is not giving up though a part of her is slowly dying because of her child. The unwavering love for the child is again seen. The alliteration in "behind blown empty bellies" makes plosive sound which reflects back to the sound of harshness. The word "bloated" also makes people think of malnutrition, emphasising the tragic horrors children and refugees went through. Refugee Mother and Child in my opinion is truly a great poem because it shows the undying spirit and determination of the mother in the face of tragedy. The photojournalistic images are real enough that I could really sympathize the refugees. Plena Timoris is set within the conservative morality of Victorian England where women had a subordinate and dependent position in a male patriarchal world. Hardy captures the dangers of extreme love, by the contrast of hope and despair, showing how quickly one can transform to the other eventually leading to death. Hardy uses different language techniques to evoke how he feels towards love, and the cynical view he has on it. ...read more.


Death in Refugee Mother and Child is related in a more defiant way. Achebe portrays death in a more positive light, and even though the mother had unwavering love for her son, she accepted the reality that the child had to die. The sentence "had long since ceased to care but not this one" shows how the mother unlike others has dignity towards death and is in refusal to give her child up. Personally I liked Refugee Mother and Child the most because after reading Achebe's poem I felt and sympathised the mother and child, and I thought the poets point was put forward very clearly on love and how strong it can be. Though Hardy's and Rossetti's poem were not unforgettable pieces of work, I think Achebe's is the better one because his comparisons stood out more than the ones Hardy had. Also the imagery he had and alliteration was stronger than Rossetti's. ?? ?? ?? ?? Poetry Coursework 2 - "All great poems are about death" In response to the above statement, consider how language is used to explore the theme of death in Refugee mother and Child, Plena Timoris and Remember. Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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