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All I could hear was drilling; ear-splitting drilling, pounding through my head

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Dreaming All I could hear was drilling! Ear-splitting drilling pounded excruciatingly through my head! All morning workmen had been digging up the road outside my house and the noise was driving me mad. All I wanted to do was read my book but I couldn't even do that! I grabbed my book, stomped out of my house, slamming the door behind me! I just ran. I ran through the garden, ignoring my mother hollering at me and commanding me to return inside and finish some tedious task or other. I raced through the garden, past my neighbour's house, through the fields and finally I found peace! It was beside a little river, which was gurgling quietly by, not disturbing anyone. The setting was tranquil and precisely how I wanted it. I lay down on the grass under an old wrinkled willow tree. My only company was two large dragonflies, which hummed and hovered by the riverbank. I picked up my book; it was entitled, Encyclopaedia of Shells, by R. H. De Bruyne. I opened up the book at a random page; I glanced at the page number, 109. A beautiful shell stared out of the page at me, the Cypraea aurantium, a rare breed of the cowrie family found deep in exotic coral reefs. ...read more.


I was overwhelmed by the pulchritude of my surroundings, a beauty that could not be emulated my man. I felt out of place, as though I didn't deserve to be in this place of wonder. My heart swelled with emotion. I was swayed so greatly by the beauty of the corals that I forget why I was diving, I forgot that there were other wonders still to behold. Eventually, I drew myself out of the trance and I began to swim further. Tiny little fish swam past me, tickling me as they touched my exposed feet. A turtle swam past leisurely, gaping around at its watery surroundings. As I swam deeper, it gradually became darker. The ocean became inky-blue but the corals did not lose their vibrant colours. One thing that did change however, were the fish. They appeared to have a more ghostly appearance and some almost seemed to be filled with light. One particular beast caught my eye. It was shaped like a squid with long, slender tentacles. These tentacles glowed with an ominous electric blue light. It was odd. Although I loathed this beast, I felt drawn to its colourful strands of light, and found it strangely attractive. ...read more.


After carefully packing all the shells into a sack, and a few other artefacts of interest, I proceeded to the surface laden with my treasure. I swam to the edge of a nearby island where I was to be picked up by the old sailor. After a short swim I reached the shore. I found a cave with a cool waterfall and began to change out of my wetsuit and into a change of clothing, which I kept in a small waterproof compartment on my equipment belt. I returned to the beach and lay down on the hot golden sand wearing a bikini, with a sarong wrapped around my waste, soaking up the sun. The sea spray blew cooling on my face. Gradually, the sea spray became heavier and less salty until..." "Ugh!" I woke up to the sound of raindrops pelting down on me! I ran home as quickly as possible, my summer dress drenched and my hair dripping! I stepped inside the house and closed the door behind me. "Look at you! I told you to come back in the house! Now I'm going to have to wash your clothes and those mud stains will be difficult to get rid of! What did I tell you young lady..." my mother scowled. Things were loud and stressful as usual. But I was contented to be back where I belonged. ...read more.

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