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All my sons - Five Quotes for Each Character

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All my sons Five quotes for each character Joe Keller: -" In my day , either you were a lawyer, or a doctor or you worked in a shop." -"For you, Kate, for both of you, that's all I ever lived for..." -"Chris, I did it for you, it was a chance I took for you." -"I'm in business, a man is in business; a hundred and twenty cracked, your out of business." -"Chris, the whole shootin' match is for you!" Kate Keller -" He's coming back, and everybody has got to wait." -"As long as you live that boy will be alive, that boy is alive. ...read more.


-"I know a lot of people think my father is guilty, and I assumed there might be some question in your mind." -"I'm not afraid of the answer. I know the answer" -"then I don't belong here" Ann Deever -"Joe, you owe him nothing." -"There's no life for me that way." -"Chris I don't ask you to do anything about Joe" -"I wont let him go. You tell him what he's got to do..." -"But hell say anything George. You know how quick he can lie." George Deever -"Because his father destroyed our family." -"Your dad took everything we had." ...read more.


-"you know why he's here, don't try to kid it awat" Sue Bayliss -"It seems to me that for 10 dollars you could hold his hand." -"He spends so much time here they'll be charging him a rent." -"Research pays 25 dollars a week minus laundering the hair shirt." -"I don't see why you should have a problem." -"it's very unusual to me, marrying the brother of your sweetheart." Frank Lubbey -"The greatest men who ever lived believed in the stars." -"But the odds are a million to one that a man wont die on his favourable day." -"And your trouble is that you don't believe in anything." -"Larry was reported missing on the twenty-fifth, right?" -"That's what you ought to do; you could help humanity, instead of -" ...read more.

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