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All Quiet On The Western Front - Paul Baumer Roleplay

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Paul Baumer is the narrator and main character of the novel, 'All Quiet On The Western Front'. The author, Erich Maria Remarque uses Paul as an example of the effects on what war can do to people. Before the war, Paul was a kindhearted, sensitive romantic; he wrote stories and poetry, he loved life, until he willingly decided to join the war. Slowly, Paul's innocent soul was being damaged, as he had to adapt to the harsh horrors of living the war. As a result Paul learns that he must kill his emotions because they will just get in his way of survival. IN CHARACTER - WEAR A PROP [COMING BACK FROM THE FRONT - ABOUT TO WRITE] It has been a while since I've written anything. How I miss writing words, using my hands for something else rather than piercing a bayonet into a man's abdomen. But I don't think I can write art anymore; I can't just write furiously like I used to, I have to think hard for something like this. ...read more.


Iron Youth nonsense. He has no idea what its like here. In fact, the older generation told us all lies, we all realized this during our first bombardment. They've never experienced it, to kill a man with your bare hands. Our lives have been ruined, it is too late for us, I mean we started our lives in this war, even if we did survive what would we return to? War has many effects on man. I've observed these soldiers right before they go into the front or no man's land. They are good-natured, friendly and perfectly normal, until they charge in. I see their eyes change, almost as if they have a 'second sight'. They change into these beasts, animals. They are completely different from before. I don't think they are fully aware of what they are doing, until they come back. This skill, to put ones emotions aside to be able to kill without reacting or feeling is crucial. We all grow to it. ...read more.


Maybe it's because he misses his family. I still would have been lost without Kat; he's preparing me for the days that he won't be around. But I think that's unlikely, I've always thought of Kat to be the last to go out of all of us. Sadly, we are all at are limit right now. Some of us are going to collapse and just give up. We are worn out. When will this finally war end! Even if I live, I'm not sure if it will be better or worse. But I know that the longer I survive this war the more I will hate it. OUT OF CHARACTER TAKE OFF PROP In the end, Paul was the last of his classmates to pass away. Paul knew that his life had already been destroyed by the war. His death was quick and painless and finally put him to his long awaited rest. If he had survived, he would have come home to his sick mother and do what she wished, get a job at the cookhouse and live a 'normal' life. If he couldn't do that he would have drifted from towns to towns, never come home and wasted away. ...read more.

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