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All the Law-is not in a book - Arthur Miller the writer of " A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE" was born in New York in 1915 and studied at the University of Michigan.

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All the Law-is not in a book Arthur Miller the writer of " A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE" was born in New York in 1915 and studied at the University of Michigan. He does not only write plays but also writes screenplays for films. His screenplays include The Misfits, starring Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe. "A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE" is a play that shows different cultures and traditions between two countries America and Italy; the play uses its characters to show the cultures and traditions between the two countries. In this play we see that the Sicilian law which is based in Italy is used very often. E.g. Alfieri says in his opening speech that. "A Lawyer means the law, and in Sicily, from where their fathers" came, the law has not been a friendly idea since the Greeks were beaten. The play is set in America, Brooklyn. It is set in a neighbourhood full of immigrants that came to settle in Brooklyn. Alfieri describes this place also in his opening speech when he says... " But this is Red Hook, not Sicily. This is the slum that faces the bay" on the seaward side of Brooklyn Bridge. He is basically saying that they still follow the Sicilian rule in this community. ...read more.


At the end of this speech Alfieri gives us an idea that this community might not have changed, there are still some people who are still following the basic Sicilian rule. Eddie visits Alfieri to talk about Catherine and Rodolpho. In this scene we see the illustrations of the two different cultures, Alfieris argument is in the law. In the other hand eddies argument is rather rational. Eddie tries to make Alfieri understand his feelings and opinions but Alfieri does not. Eddie has this belief that Rodolpho likes Catherine only because she is an American citizen. Alfieri explains the law, what it is and how it works to Eddie. Alfieri says "Because there's nothing illegal about a girl falling in" Love with an immigrant. I think this statement is very important because he tells Eddie directly to his face what his own opinion is. He also tells Eddie how he thinks he should tackle this situation. Alfieri is also trying to make Eddie understand that this is a situation that needs to be solved by him only. If Eddie forgets about the relationship between Catherine and Roldopho and just allows it, the whole situation will be solved; eventually everyone can get on with their own lives. Eddie argues with Alfieri about Rodolpho and his relationship with Catherine. ...read more.


I can't sympathise with Eddies dilemma because I think he was the cause of this tragedy, which he ended up dead. If only he allowed the relationship between Rodolpho and Catherine to carry on without his interrogations, they wouldn't have been in this situation. Additionally he wouldn't have ended up dead. I strongly don't agree with Marco's actions at the end of the play, even though he might have followed the Sicilian law. This is were I think the American law is better, if you kill someone else it is a serious crime and you will be seriously dealt with. Marco took the law into his own hands and I personally think he wanted to kill Eddie not only because of the Sicilian law but also because of his own cruel mind. Marco wanted to kill Eddie; he wanted to stop Eddie from coming between Rodolpho and Catherine so he decided to kill Eddie, which he succeeded. I think it is "better to settle for half" because everything does not have to end in a particular way. Even though you lose your dignity, you don't have to die like the way Eddie did. Alfieri says "Most of the time now we settle for half and I like" It better. This shows that Alfieri did not support what Marco did. Over all it is better to compromise, to accept the fact that you are not going to get the exact thing you want. Ese Enahoro 1 ...read more.

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