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All was quiet in the forest apart from the rustle of leaves being whisked away by the soft autumn breeze and the steady beating of his heart, desperately trying to pump blood round his cut and injured body.

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The Escape 1943: the world is at war for the second time. Thousands of people are killed each day and Germany is slowly being beaten by the British and American troops. In a routine fly over an American Corsair crash lands in the heart of German territory. The Pilot survives but now has the daunting task of returning home alive without being captured by the enemy. Diary extract April 4th 1943 (17:30h): Today has been the worst day of my war so far. I have crash landed in a forest in a remote area of Germany about a mile from a German army base. They must have seen the crash and the following explosion so it was clear I had to escape the wreckage. I fear my leg is injured so I will need to carry out medical treatment on the way. For now I have to concentrate on getting away from my current location and into a safer position. Conrad Barker had been born into a well off Canadian family. His father owned a large building company and his mother was an assistant to a major contractor in the city. He never did like the cold and vast wilderness of Canada, so he left home at 16 to live in America. Life started off pretty well for him. He trained to be a pilot ad got a job in New York flying planes for an American trading company. He would fly goods from state to state in America, sometimes venturing into Mexico and South America. When the war started he was called up into the army to be a pilot. No one really liked to be a pilot in the army. ...read more.


He edged his way round the boulder and then headed down off the peak. Once he was confident that he was out of sight he headed west, as he was told, towards the setting sun. He now had another thing to worry about, that he was being chased by a German sniper. Conrad made it to the river unscathed, apart from a stray bramble branch scratching his face. Now he had the task of crossing the river. The river was fast flowing and deep, so any attempt to cross it would have to be made without wading through the river directly. The only way he could see would be to jump on to the island in the middle and then jump far enough so that he reached the shallows on the other side. But, the first jump was at least two and a half metres and then the second would have to be possibly three meters. This was a challenge normally, let alone in the state he was in. He quickly scanned the surrounding area for a better option, but saw none. So he went for it, taking a run up he just cleared the first jump and clawing his way onto the island once he had jumped. He had limited movement on the island, which made taking a run up about as possible as getting his dad up on a Sunday morning, impossible. Nevertheless he went for it he used all his energy to focus on converting all the power in his leg up and across the water. He thought he had made it and when his upper body hit the pebbles he knew he had but, his legs didn't stop when his body did. ...read more.


The bullet blasted out of the barrel and lodged itself in Conrad's chest, midway down his ribcage on his left, just below his heart. As the door slammed shut Conrad felt an excruciating pain in his chest. It was like a white hot dagger had been thrust in him. He found himself short of breath and coughing blood. Chuck appeared beside him. "It's ok buddy, the bullet has punctured your lung but I think it missed your heart". He smiled and squeezed Conrad's hand. "You're going to be fine bud just hold in there" As Conrad lay there, he thought about how peaceful everything had become. Chuck's face was swimming in and out of focus and his voice sounded like it was underwater. Everything had become so quiet, the beating of the blades in his ears had gone and the pain in his chest had disappeared. It was like he had no cares in the world. The only care he had was that he was curious; curious about the lights that had now clouded his vision and were slowly merging into one brilliant light. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Then it all went black. Sadly, Conrad Barker died that day. The bullet punctured his lung and caught his heart; he died of a collapsed lung and bled to death. He was rushed to hospital but did not make it in time; he was pronounced dead before he even got to the operating theater. Although his body doesn't Conrad's memory lives on. His story is one now known by everyone all over the world and he is remembered as a true patriot who never gave up even when faced with the impossible. Conrad Barker May 7th 1915 - April 5th 1943 A true fighter Remembered by all, Loved by many 'Never give up' Tom Jeffery ...read more.

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