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Allende foreshadows the upcoming revolutionarytransformation within the government of the country (probably Chile

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Setting: Alba's Adolescence in the University Having matured and leaving "childhood for good", Alba finishes her school around the "age of 18" (p. 318) and goes on to attend university where this chapter, entitled Awakenings, is set. Amidst the academic surroundings, Alba encounters Miguel in the cafeteria of the university. They immediately fall in love with each other, with neither one of them realizing that they had already met once before. In this setting, Alba, Miguel, Professor Sebastian Gomez and a group of students seize "a building in support of a strike by workers" (p.319). With this setting the author portrays Alba's characteristics in detail and positions her as finally mature enough to inherit the central female character role from Clara and Blanca. Miguel & Amanda's house Although not as significant as the university, there is another setting at the end of the chapter: Amanda's house. Compared to the university, atmosphere of this setting is very tense and somehow doleful unlike the university. Here, Jaime finds an emaciated Amanda asleep on a bed. Ominous mood is given off in from this setting, and unfortunate events are foreshadowed. ...read more.


She joins Miguel, Professor Sebastian Gomez, and a congregation of students in an occupation of the university forgetting that she is undermining her grandfather's reputation. Only later is Alba's clandestine identity revealed to Miguel. Although she is the granddaughter of his enemy Esteban Trueba, Miguel still forgives Alba for "not [being] entirely truthful". His seemingly interminable disappointment and rage at the discovery of Alba's pedigree vanishes "the second time he [sees] Alba wandering like a lost soul down the corridors near the cafeteria where they had met" (328). It is evident that before love, even such powerful emotions as anger and disappointment amount to nothing. Politics: The Pyrrhic Victory of the Socialists In this chapter, Allende foreshadows the upcoming revolutionary transformation within the government of the country (probably Chile) where the story of the novel takes place; Jaime's friend, the Candidate, is one of the first to realize that after so many failed attempts, the "socialists [are finally] going to win" (p.333) the election. This chapter is the introduction to the temporary turning point of the novel; the author implies to the readers that the time for celebration and socialist's triumph are arriving at last. ...read more.


It seems very fortuitous that she has her period in such a critical time as this. In the novel however, the uncanny event seems perfectly ordinary. The Class system: The Bourgeoisies vs. The Proletariats The contrast between the bourgeoisies and the proletariats is another conspicuous theme in this chapter. Throughout the entire novel, there is an ongoing conflict between the Bourgeoisies (Landed aristocrats) and the Proletariats (people of the working class). The reason why the university students occupy a building is to support the workers' strike. While Alba is participating in the campaign, she has her period. When Alba starts bleeding and crying in humiliation, Ana Diaz, one of the students also occupying the building, observes this and exclaims in exasperation that "this is what happens when the bourgeoisie [are let] into the affairs of the people" (p.324). This remark subtly expresses Ana's disapproval of Alba, and suggests that people from the bourgeois class cannot mix with proletariats. This strike means a lot to working people including Miguel and Ana Diaz, who suffer much injustice caused by the corrupted government controlled by the landed aristocrats, whereas Alba's purpose for joining this occupation is solely to be with Miguel and to have a quick thrill of being a rebel. ...read more.

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