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Almost Lost. When people ask me what was the game that you played most when you were a kid, my answer is hide and seek.

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Almost Lost When people ask me what was the game that you played most when you were a kid, my answer is "hide and seek". I think most people have played this game when they were young. I can't remember how many times I played this game with my little friends but I do remember that one time when we played "hide and seek", one of my little friends and I almost lost our way. That was a summer day when I was six years old. As usual, when I almost finished my dinner, I heard one of my little friends shout in front of my house," Yi, have you finished your dinner yet? Hurry up, come out and play, we are waiting for you." "Yeah, I'm coming, just one second!" ...read more.


When I was hiding, I liked to hide with a girl named Hong who was two years older than me and I called her "Hong sister". This time when we were looking for a place to hide, we saw a small truck parked in front of a house, and what made us happy was that the back door of the truck was unlocked, so Hong and I decided to hide in the truck. We walked towards the truck quietly and Hong helped me get into the truck by stepping up the small ladder at back of the truck, and then she got herself on the truck too. We closed the back door of the truck and hid quietly. At the same time we were listening to what was happening outside. ...read more.


The driver seemed to not hear from us at the beginning, but later the truck stopped slowly. The driver looked a little surprised when he saw the two of us in his truck, but when he heard Hong's explanation, he drove us back. When we got off the truck, one of our friends saw us first and shouted, "Look, they are here!" They all got around us and asked what happened, but I couldn't say a word because I started crying instead. I knew I was almost lost and would never see my parents and friends again. When I back home, I didn't tell my mom what just happened for I was afraid she would blame me. I just asked my mom if I could sleep with her that night. My mom agreed and I remember that night I was hugging my mom tightly and falling to sleep. After that, I have never wanted to play hide and seek again. ...read more.

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