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Alone - creative writing.

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GCSE ENGLISH COURSEWORK Alone Oh my god not another clear blue advert, is everyone pregnant? There she was sitting in the doctor's surgery, watching the white clock on the wall, ticking away. She had never felt so alone, she wished her mum was there with her, to give her support and show that smile that said everything was going to be alright. She was wondering if the other people in the surgery could guess, she looked normal enough with her smooth blond hair tied neatly in a pony tail. She hated the doctors it reminded her of injections and the smell of disinfectant, which made her feel nauseous. The waiting room was full of people chatting about there problems, usually at this time of night she would be at home safe and warm having dinner. Suddenly the sound of her name made her jump, and the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. She walked slowly to the doctor's door, she paused and wondered whether or not to go in, then the door was flung open and there stood the doctor come in. ...read more.


Later that evening her mother came to check on her, and gave her a hot water bottle, she would have given anything to be able to share this with her mother, to have a hug and a cry with her. She entered his flat, it was cold and she shivered, the electric had gone off he was sat on the sofa looking at her. There was a lump in her throat she couldn't speak, finally when she got her voice back she blurted out "I'm pregnant" he just sat there with no emotion on his face, he was twenty but at times he seemed a lot younger even younger than her, there had always been a problem with her being fifteen and him being twenty. All he wanted to know was whether she was going to have an abortion and if so who was going to pay for it. Suddenly she felt short of air, and said she needed a walk, he told her that he would ring her tomorrow and they could have a chat. ...read more.


intense she wanted to scream for her mother but should she, should she tell her or should she try to keep it her secret once this growth was out of her body, everything would be back to normal, she would have the same warm cozy life back again, and this would become a bad dream. The pain steadily got worse, and the only thing to do was to push this growth from her body. Suddenly with one last searing, burning pain, it was out, the growth was out, with fear she looked down and there it was, not a growth but her baby, pink and alone in need of her protection and love, yes she did need her mother, just like her baby needed her. She heard the words being shouted from her lips, with in seconds her mother was by her side, with tears in her mothers eyes, and that smile that said everything was going to be alright. She lay back and gently kissed her babies head. And smiled everything is going to be alright, WE ARE NOT ALONE. By Samantha Loseby ...read more.

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