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Am i next?

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Am I next? I ran down the stairs like the speed of lighting with coffee in one hand and my briefcase in the other, and being the clumsy person I am I stumbled a couple of steps and split HOT piping coffee all over my new Ralph Lauren shirt that my wife had bought me for my 30th birthday. Limping on one foot I put down the coffee and walked out the house picking up my silver keys from the kitchen table and I slamed the door on the way out. I tore a rather large leaf off the crocked Cox apple tree that was growing in my front garden, it was so big the roots were lifting up the paved drive way. I tore that leaf off to clean the coffee stain of my shirt, but unfortunately it only made it worse. From the Swede brown colour my shirt originally was, the leaf managed to turn the small coffee patch stain into green slug slim colour. Like a hover bee hovering around, waiting to sting an innocent human I walked outside my drive to see the traffic from a far distance you could see within the heat waves that cars were producing, a long line of cars horning and you could hear the drivers screaming at each other. ...read more.


I picked the picture and looked at it in shock. My heart froze and so did everything else around me, a tear slowly ran down my face. I think the reason I was in such a state was firstly due to the stair and coffee stain incident at home and then once I had gotten past all the mad street gossipers on the road I was fired once I had entered work. To add to this, today marked the two year anniversary of my child and wife's death. The two most important people in my life had been literally stolen from me my wife, my everything and my daughter my one and only princess, I made a vowel to my wife saying I would always protect her and be there fore her, I went one my word and I wasn't there for the both of them, till this day I still wonder if life is worth living. How could this mass murder do this to me? The story goes a bit like this. Around twelve years ago I married the woman of my dreams, Krystal Linn Homes. She meant everything to me she truly was one in a million. She had soft brown locks that would sway in the breeze when she stood on the white cliffs of Dover with her arms spread out as if she was flying. ...read more.


So I ran downstairs and went though the kitchen backdoor that led to the back garden. I watched the fire blaze with hate, on the floor beside the fire I saw that there was a picture of my wife and child hugging each other at the theme park that we had visited for Summer's birthday party. Picked it up and held it close to my heart. I then saw the other pictures that had been missing from the album and tears began to form in the side of my eye, as I blinked they soon began to run. I cried so hard my eyes began to burn like the hated flames. I got hold of the hosepipe and put the fire out. I had virtually nothing left to life and there was really no point in living. I turned around and went inside the house and I looked on the wall something had just been written on the wall as the ink was still wet. It read "You think you have gotten away, think twice" what did this mean exactly? Did I have to watch every step I made? Or did I have to think about what I had done in the past? Or was this mental insane man after me?? Would I be seeing my wife and Summer in Gods house any time soon? Was I next? ?? ?? ?? ?? Shaynal patel : 'Am I next?' ...read more.

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