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Amanuel Berhan Loneliness in the short novel "Of Mice and Men".

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Amanuel Berhan Loneliness in the short novel "Of Mice and Men" Mr Toft 10.03 O Mice and Men is a poignant tale of the extraordinary friendship between two itinerant workers in the harsh depression years of 1930's America. Of Mice and Men is set in the 1930's America during the Great Depression. During this period of time there was a depression in America. Unemployment was high, so men moved from ranch to ranch looking for work, never staying in one place long enough to firm any real relationships, so this was a very lonely existence. John Steinbeck uses a fairly journalistic style of writing to describe the ranch, and this adds a touch of realism to the story. The characters and places he creates seem real, and he uses real places to mark the general area that the story is set in, the Salinas River, for example. During the years 1919 - 1926 John Steinback undertook a series of manual, unskilled jobs, one of which was a farm labourer on ranches from King to South Clara in Northern California. ...read more.


He persuades them that he could still be useful with all the little jobs (i.e. like cooking.) George is lonely because even though he has Lennie by his side, Lennie doesn't seem to be regarded as a person George could talk to. He is mostly regarded as a child or this is what he acts like therefore Lennie is incapable of taking responsibility for his actions. Also George can never really leave Lennie alone, even though he does in the play, because Lennie would do something wrong and not know it and he would go against George's wishes and not be bothered. (I.e. Near the beginning of the play George warns Lennie off Curley's wife and tells him not to even look at her, at first Lennie does as he is told. As the play progresses he gradually begins to go against George's warning, like the puppy event in the barn house) Lennie is the reason why the two have to travel across America looking for work because he always seems to get himself in enough trouble causing them to leave. ...read more.


Also, he visits brothels and this makes her feel inadequate. For Curley's wife Curley was second choice and he acts like it. She does have several dreams of a better life. When men promise her careers in acting and film she believes them but I think that they just wanted her to sleep with them. Because her dreams fail she marries Curley. Now she is trapped on this ranch with no one to speak to apart from Curley. Who is not much comfort although he does try with his glove full of Vaseline. This makes her feel isolated and this is why she is lonely. Loneliness is a disease. George had Lennie to and Lennie had George to combat the terrible affects of it. But there were other who were not so lucky Crooks was intensely unhappy, unconfident and seriously mentally damaged from the lasting affects of loneliness. Curley's wife was killed essentially by loneliness it was that that made her talk to the farm workers and Lennie this lead to her death. Loneliness is a part of human nature whether we like it not, as with everything, there are winners and there are losers. ...read more.

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