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American Whispers turn to tragedy.

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Priti Harsiani American Whispers turn to tragedy. My day started like any other, with my mother telling me to hurry up. She was waiting by the front door, impatiently looking for her bunch of keys. "I'm coming," I shouted back getting rather annoyed, because I was being rushed. I know that when I am rushed I always forget things. "Guess what," shouted my little sister as she ran to get the front passenger's seat of the car. "What," I replied putting on my sock. "We are going to America tomorrow," she said, with a gleaming face, excited to be going. She stood there holding the car door handle just to make sure I did not take the front seat. I looked at her in disgust, but relieved as well, that I would not have to look at her horrible, green school uniform for another three weeks. I was not that excited because we had meant to be leaving for America today. I wished we had left today, so that I would not have to go to school for another day. I had overheard the telephone call which my mother had had with the travel agents. "Sorry, but the morning flight is fully booked for Tuesday. However, there is another plane leaving on the morning of Wednesday," apologized the lady from the travel agents. ...read more.


I started to bite my painful nail. A few people walked past. Paying more attention on my split nail, I did not realise how long I had been standing there. After I sorted out my nail, I looked up to find the road infested with children wearing green. I guessed they all attended Roe Green School. "At last!" I thought as I saw my mother's car. Relieved, I escaped being trampled by the little rascals. My mother had arrived twenty minutes late. I was angry because I had to wait for her, therefore, I took my anger out on my little sister. " Why did you not hurry up? You take so long to come out of school," I told her. " Priti leave her alone," said my mother. "It's not her fault," she added. Sitting in the back for once, my sister giggled. I sat quietly all the way home. "What did you do at school today?" my mother asked. "Nothing," I replied too tired to talk. We arrived home just in time to answer the telephone. I ran into the living room and switched on the television. "I want to watch CITV," requested my little sister. "Okay, fine," I replied, just to keep her quiet. I flicked through all the channels to find that CITV was not coming on. "See on teletext," she nagged like a spoilt brat. ...read more.


Holding my breath, I tried to clear my mind. Confusion took over. Just then, my mother returned to the living room and sat beside me. I did not say a word. I could see in her eyes that she was thinking what I was thinking. If the plane had not been fully booked, we might have been on it. After a few minutes, the news was back on. "A tragedy has occurred in America. Planes have flown into both the towers..." it continued. My mind went blank. All I could visualize was the plane, and the towers, all in flames. I felt numb inside. It felt as though someone was messing around with my mind. Pinching myself repeatedly, I wanted it to be a dream, which I could escape from. I strangely felt heat, as though it was from the television screen. Blazing brightly like a bonfire, I knew it would take ages for the bad news to settle into me. That evening, hundreds of questions ran through my mind. "What if...?" was what most of the questions asked. I shut my eyes and tried not to think about it. However, every time I tried I saw the plane, and I remembered the telephone call. Although I was not on the plane, I kept having flashbacks of actually being on it. I lay down for a while because I felt pale. My skin was so pale and clammy. All I could hear was the aeroplanes flying low over my house. ...read more.

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