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Amy Winehouse Speech

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Amy Winehouse Speech I think you have all greatly misunderstood me since I have come to fame. I am widely regarded by many as a drug addict and a bad role model for the younger generation who look up to me and model themselves against me because of my music and fame. I may be married to a man who was only let out of prison on Tuesday but my morals and the bases upon which I live my life are good. Just for the record, my marriage with my husband is not an open one, I have stuck by him and I believe it is for the best as I hope to have children in the future. ...read more.


Many people construct their view of me by what they read in the press everyday. Why do I come across as such a bad influence to you? It is because 80% of the time my image and identity is created by the press. I feel that I have been made a victim by the press. 4 out of 5 of you will believe what you read in the press about me and I wish you could look beyond that see that I am just a person like you. I have a passion for music and that is where I reached fame. I have released many albums that have gone to platinum and I have sold millions of records world-wide. ...read more.


Although her ways may be unconventional, there is no doubting the inspiration of her huge voice." I have also become a known figure in the fashion world for my signature hairstyle known as the "bee-hive" and for my unusual and yet unique sense of dress. Who else dares to dress as I dress? This has once again led to other girls finding themselves and finding out who they are and expressing it in their clothes and shoes. So my friends, are you sure you have not misjudged me? Are you sure you have formed your own opinion of me, and haven't been conned by the press? Are you really being fair or do you really think "you know I'm no good"?. ...read more.

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