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An Adventure in Peru! Chris may stared out of the window, feeling on top of the world that he had finally found out

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An Adventure in Peru! Chris may stared out of the window, feeling on top of the world that he had finally found out where the ancient treasure and the tomb of King Ophir was, he could finally be a world famous archaeologist. He felt proud as he looked around the cabin at the two other members of his team that he had gotten this far with, Alicia Silva, one of the best archaeologists in the world, in Chris' mind anyway. She was a fine looking tanned lady with long black hair glistening in the early morning sun beams flooding through the planes window. Like Chris himself, she was very interested in being a famous archaeologist and was one of Chris' best friends. Sitting next to her, fast asleep, was Dougal Murdock, a rugged Irishman with long, grey, curly hair, a stocky build and a coarse, thick Irish accent. He also had an unprecedented knowledge of Peru, due to him working all over the country when he was younger for a mining company. He was not really too interested in the archaeology, but came along to help the archaeologists because he was a nice enough man and he was receiving a rather large paycheque. They were to land in south Peru in a few minutes to try and excavate the Peruvian King Ophir's tomb, which is decked out with millions of pounds of his wealth in Inca gold, diamonds and other precious stones. ...read more.


Dougal picked him up and put him in the back of the jeep, out of the storm and they drove off. Alicia in the back of the jeep with Chris helping him stay conscious and making sure the injury wasn't too serious and Dougal driving. When they returned to their camp the blizzard had just reached its peak while they were checking out Chris' ankle. It turned that he had a mild sprain but should be able to walk again in a week or so. The next day was spent at the camp because they couldn't go out due to the storm still raging and Chris' ankle was still giving him quite a lot of pain. They used up the hours in the day talking about their fantasies about the fame they would get when they returned, what they would buy with the money and about the treasure inside the tomb. An aspect of the conversation seemed to be brought up a lot by Dougal- how much all of the treasure was worth in the tomb. He kept asking questions about it, but then Chris and Alicia replied by saying they would be giving it to a museum anyway so it didn't really matter but estimated around six to six and a half million and the conversation moved on, and they thought nothing more of it. The day after was spent in pretty much the same manner, although the storm had passed Chris' ankle still hurt. ...read more.


a scream was heard as the hair belonged to an ageing woman, but before she got embarrassed about it an coarse Irish voice shouted her name. She turned around to find Dougal standing infront of her wearing an expensive looking slick suit that she was pretty sure he didn't have before. He sneered and told her that he'd robbed the artefacts and sold them on and they were just about to take off but she was too late to do anything about it. She thought if they haven't taken off yet she could do something about it but then she couldn't catch Dougal. She slapped him and called Chris over, after he'd hobbled over he offered to shake Dougal's hand for being a good friend but then somehow managed to turn that into him having Dougal pinned on the floor unable to move. The airport police had come over now about the fuss and Alicia told them what was happening so they arrested Dougal under aggressive behaviour and theft and illegal distribution of historical artefacts, which should make a long enough prison sentence. Alicia half carried Chris as fast as she could out on to the runway but they were just a minute late, the plane was taking off. As it was only a small plane it would be untraceable and nobody knew where it was going so decided to give up a lost cause. They sat down on the runway and watched their chances of being the most famous archaeologists in the world fly off into the sunset. ...read more.

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