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An Analysis of a favourite Grace Nichols Poem - Fear.

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An Analysis of a favourite Grace Nichols Poem - Fear. As the essay title states I am going to analyse a Poem written by Grace Nichols. Grace was born in Georgetown, Guyana, when finished school she went to university and then had several jobs before moving to England in 1977. Nichols then wrote poems mainly about racially sensitive topics, motherhood and sexuality. The poem, which I shall analyse, is called 'Fear'. The main storyline in this poem is that a woman is worried and fears for her child living in England. I think this poem has a deeper meaning, basically about black people trying to adapt or not accepting the fact that they have to adapt to the way in which white people live. The writer of this poem sees it as blacks against whites, she feels very uncomfortable living in England, and maybe she feels out of place? Out numbered? In this poem there is much racial tension as she does not see the population to be as 'one', as equals. She uses words like 'our culture', and 'your own'. This clearly shows that she sees white coloured people as being different to blacks. I think that she sees the world population split into two - black people against the rest of the world. In 'fear' there is a big culture clash and this is what Grace Nichols wants us to think about. ...read more.


To do this I shall pick out interesting words and phrases from the poem and describe what effect they have on the poem. When reading this poem several times, one of the most noticeable lines is 'home is where the heart lies' this is very interesting because it could have two different meanings. In this line Grace has been very clever and left spaces to emphasise the word 'lies'. This word could mean one of two things, lies as in where the heart rests or lies as in not telling the truth. If taken as where the heart rests then the author is conveying a sense of homesickness. If taken in the sense that at home the heart doesn't tell the truth then we know that Grace is feeling no homesickness at all. Personally I think the author is feeling homesickness and so when writing this line meant it to be where the heart can rest. Obviously the heart never rests, otherwise the author would be dead but in this line the word 'heart' is a metaphor and stands for feelings, emotions and soul. In relating this line back to the whole poem I feel that because of the author's homesickness, this could be a reason why she has such a dislike for England, she misses her homeland too much and England just cant match up to the place where she feels most comfortable. ...read more.


To have an opinion on this poem I think that you would have had to maybe spend some of your childhood living in Grace Nichol's homeland because at least then you might understand where she is coming from in some lines. For example 'I think my child is too loving for this fear' - what fear? I understand that she is worried that her child will not be accepted in England but she says it as if all white people are going to murder black people the second they step outside, when we and her both know that this is not true. This is why I find it hard to have an opinion on the poem because if maybe I had grown up with Grace in this wonderful special country that she describes, then I might understand a bit more about this so called 'fear' that she has. I chose this poem above the rest because as I stated before I saw many lines with deeper meanings and I feel it was a more personal poem than the rest. The feelings in this poem are real feelings that someone feels and I wanted to try and find out why she felt this way. I now have a better understanding of her feelings. This poem was my favourite because I felt it had more meaning than the others and a more interesting way of expressing the author's feelings. BEN DUERDEN ...read more.

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