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An Analysis Of Cousin Kate And The Seduction

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An Analysis Of Cousin Kate And The Seduction. The title sounds like a woman is talking about her "Cousin Kate" and not especially about herself. It's like her side of the story in the poem. The poem is about a lady in about the 1814 (the olden times). She falls in love with a rich person who sounds like the king which says here "Why did a great lord find me out" and then he flatters and uses her to the point where she is pregnant and has a child. This part from the poem shows that a rich person or so a king found her and abused her when she thought he really truly loved her but no he did not. "He changed me like a glove". Then she praises her cousin about her looks and her wealth too. She says "You grew more fair I:" ... ...read more.


It says in the poem "I've got a gift you have not got, And seem not like to get: ... I've little doubt you fret. My fair haired son my shame, my pride" ... So she does not regret anything that has happened. She criticises her sister a little throughout the poem and is always saying she made a mistake but she got the best out of it like her fair headed son. Seduction means to seduce which means to lead astray and then tempt them into a sin or crime which the whole poem is based on. The poem is about a girl who gets persuaded by a handsome boy that he is the one for her and she can trust him fully. In the poem it says "She had nodded, quite enchanted" ... "so she fell in love" so she thinks that he has chosen her or she is the one for him. ...read more.


so that's why she wants to go back into her lively past. This poem shows how life can be sometimes and that you can never trust it. It shows her experiences with a lovely, gorgeous boy (what she thinks of him) and after how she is completely shattered. "With fingers that stroked her neck and thighs"... to "she cried that she had missed all her innocence around her" so that shows you what the narrator felt and was like from her past to her present. This poem might make boys seem bad and horrible but all boys are normally not like that and that girls always fall into a trap but sometimes they don't from what it says in the poem like "All the parties where you'd meet the boy next door, Where you walk hand in hand, in an acne'd wonderland,"... This shows that she remembers the past and its like she cusses it and that she doesn't want it to happen again like its going to happen again. ...read more.

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