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An analysis of Presentational Features in the film "Shrek"

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An analysis of Presentational Features in the film "Shrek" Shrek, an 'Academy Award winning animated feature film,' produced by DreamWorks Animation had its debut in 2001. Surprisingly, it was based upon William Steig's 1990 fairy tale picture book entitled 'Shrek' Furthermore, it was a great success because it managed to appeal to all types of audiences. Because the film was extremely successful on its release in 2001 it helped establish DreamWorks as a prime competitor to Walt Disney Pictures. Shrek is an animation film that combines action, humour and romance; these elements make the film very interesting in a unique way. Several features have made this film a great success. In this analysis, a variety of these features and their effects will be discussed. In traditional fairy tales, we expect certain characters such as an innocent beautiful princess, and a handsome young heroic prince. The film nearly always includes a villain to create the tension in the storyline, possibly an ogre or some giant. ...read more.


Other devices used that break the typical fairytale conventions are the characters; rather than being presented with a charming and handsome prince, we are presented with a filthy looking ogre with unclean. Also that not all princes are good and caring as in the film we quickly learn that the Lord Farquaad is not a traditional prince but is selfish and evil. Furthermore, rather than a shot of a magical palace, we are introduced to the setting of a filthy swamp. This technique of surprise and shock and reverse stereotyping, is not expected as a result it creates humour, in a traditional fairytale. The music is revolutionised from orchestral, classical music to a more up beat and modern tune. Through the techniques used above, the idea of a fairytale has been completely destroyed, constructing a different impression as to how the story will continue. Shrek follows unconventional methods to save Princess Fiona. Firstly, he shakes her instead of kissing her. Before saving her, he does not slay the dragon. ...read more.


The modern language itself creates humour because it is widely used, and people of many ages enjoy the puns and popular jokes. Moreover, the film has many jokes as well, for example, it has several flatulence jokes when Shrek and Fiona are lingering through the woods. Shrek 1 and 2 are unique films in the way the makers have produced and presented the film. I feel that the film makers have used the presentational features, such as humour, music, and types of different languages to reverse what is a traditional 'Disney fantasy' into a funny and meaningful giving film. Shrek shows that not all ogres are evil as throughout the film we can see that nobody is intimidated by our friendly star Shrek even if he is an ugly ogre. Also that not all princes are good and caring as in the film we quickly learn that the Lord Farquaad is not a traditional prince but is selfish and evil. To sum up what I have said in this essay, I would like to say Shrek is a very unexpected, gripping and successful film because of the use of the features that were discussed in this essay. ...read more.

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