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An arguement against smoking

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AN ARGUMENT AGAINST SMOKING. Every time a smoker takes a puff on cigarette, they are putting more than 4,000 chemicals into their body. Many of these are poisonous or destroy parts of your insides. I am against people smoking because smoking doesn't help your body at all and some people think smoking makes you lose weight. Actually it destroys the body vital organs, such as the kidney, heart, lungs. Smoking cigarettes and chewing smokeless tobacco could cause a person to develop mouth cancer. When the tissue inside of your mouth is filled with smoke or dip, it is exposed to all of the poisons that are in tobacco. Mouth cancer can affect your lips, gums, tongue, or the inside of your cheeks. ...read more.


Another likely explanation is that squinting in response to the irritating nature of the smoke, and the puckering of the mouth when drawing on a cigarette cause wrinkling around the eyes and mouth. The first reason why you shouldn't smoke is that smoking affects your health. If you smoke, your physical condition will be negatively affected, so it will be very difficult for you to succeed in sports. Also, smoking produces lethal diseases like cancer and reduces the length and quality of your life. Maybe you don't notice all the physical effects of smoking immediately, but you surely will be sorry one day. The second reason why you shouldn't smoke is because of all the money that you spend on it. ...read more.


3 reasons for people not trying their best to quit smoking are because: * The tobacco use climate. There are other smokers in the household or their work colleague's smoke. * Stated reasons for smoking. The reasons smokers offer for their smoking. * Reasons for not quitting. People tend to think smoking helps their stress and also help to lose weight to prevent craving for food. I researched some information on the internet and found out that light smokers smoke up to 5 or a few cigarettes a day; while moderate smokers smoke up to 6 to 21 cigarettes a day and heavy smokers smoke a staggering 21 cigarettes or more. In the study 23 percent of smokers were light, 61 percent were moderate and 16 percent were heavy. ...read more.

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