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An Argument for Abstinence.

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An Argument for Abstinence Normally when the word abstinence is mentioned people automatically assume you are religious or just boring, but that's not always the case. Why in today's society when STD prevention and contraceptives are so advanced would anyone think of waiting to have sex? Although it's safer to use a condom that not to, there is still no guarantee that you won't contract an STD or even fall pregnant, the only 100% safe method is abstinence. An argument for abstinence is: If a friend asked you to walk over a bridge which dropped every hundredth person to their death, would you take the risk? ...read more.


As you are all aware sometimes condoms slip or break. Even if the condom doesn't break, there has been a report that even new condoms have tiny holes in them which might be big enough for a virus to pass through. Although this is quite unlikely it is important to use either a condom with a spermicide (nonoxydol 9) that helps kill viruses or choose abstinence! There are benefits of putting sex off for a few years or maybe even until marriage. Many people find they enjoy dating more as they don't have the added worry of the condom that split the night before or the result of a pregnancy test. ...read more.


Sex is not a way to solve relational problems, in fact it may create new ones. Remember if abstinence is your choice it doesn't have to mean less fun...it might mean more fun later! If you do decide to have sex, here are eight points to consider before rushing in: 1. Be sure you're as ready as you think you are 2. Protect yourself from STDs 3. Protect yourself from pregnancy 4. Really understand what it means to lose your virginity 5. Be honest with yourself - is it love or lust, peer pressure or trust? 6. Be clear on what the age of consent laws are where you live. 7. Understand your body and your feelings 8. Know that it is ok to say no at any point in time Key Skills; Presentation on Virginity ...read more.

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