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An assessment on the character Anne Frank.

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In this piece I will be writing an assessment on the character Anne Frank. I choose this task because the whole diary is written from the view that she got whist in there and I really got the feel for her character. I will be writing about her and her experience during the holocaust trapped in a loft. ...read more.


The families were really taking the Mickey out of them and they both got very embarrassed about seeing each other that evening. In this scene everybody's happy and there's no conflict between any of the families or family members. Over the course of time Anne really matures. She becomes much more independent and at ease with her self and starts exploring her sexuality with one short 'date' Peter. ...read more.


But in reality I think most people in the loft find her very annoying and to lively for such a small and enclosed space. But towards the end I Peter and the rest of them started warming to her, especially after her trying to brighten everybody up by giving them gifts. My feelings towards Anne are that sees a very enthusiastic about things she loves but things she doesn't like she won't make any secret about it. ...read more.

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