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An assignment showing appreciation of social and historical influences and cultural content.

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An Assignment Showing Appreciation Of Social And Historical Influences And Cultural Content. "The Attitudes And Behavior Of The Parents And Parental Figures In Romeo And Juliet Were Normal In Their Time But May Be Considered Unaceptable Today". - Discuss. To What Degree Are They Responsible For The Eventual Tragedy? In the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, written in the Elizabethen period of 1595, Lord Capulet treats his family in the accustomed fashion of the period. Families in the Elizabethen period had strict reputations to conform to. The time in which Romeo and Juliet was wrote is far different from today. The relationships between parents and child was not on the same level, but was on a very formal level. Arranged marriages were very popular in the Elizabethan time, and they were not frowned upon. In some Indian and other cultures, arranged marriages still live on today. ...read more.


Juliet is closer to her nurse than she is to her parents, and there is little understanding between parents and child. Juliet's nurse even breast fed her from a young and tender age. Today it would be frowned upon to be brought up totally by someone else apart from your parents, although there are some exceptions such as nannies, foster parents, etcetera. Lord Capulet and Lady Capulet do not think much of Juliet and they think of her like a trophy to show the family's importance. Lord Capulet takes control over Juliet's life and Juliet does not get s choice of what goes on. She can only go out to family parties, and not to see friends. Her parents do not have a good relationship with her, but they are very powerful figures in her life, and she dare not disobey them, until she met Romeo, where she could not withdraw because of her strong love for him. ...read more.


The feud is also the cause of Romeo and Juliet's deaths because they would have been allowed to marry each other. The feud is not the only cause; the fact of Juliet not being able to tell her parents everything is another cause. If Juliet had a close relationship with her parents she could have told them that she did not love Paris, but she loved somebody else. So in more ways than one Juliet's parents are responsible for the eventual tragedy. In conclusion to this essay, I do not agree with the attitudes of Lord Capulet and Lady Capulet towards Juliet. I also think it would be unacceptable today for children to be brought up by a nurse, although some children are cared for by nannies. Also, I do not think arranged marriages are a good idea, but they still live on today in some cultures. People should have a choice of whom they want to marry and not just be forced into marriage. ...read more.

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