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An ending to the narrative Rebecca

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GCSE COURSEWORK An ending to the narrative Rebecca As we got closer to the house we saw that our beloved Manderley was totally engulfed in flames. I looked at Maxim and saw a fear that I thought was unhappiness, but as I found out later it was a tear of happiness as all his memories of Rebecca had gone with Manderley. When we finally reached the house, Maxim and me saw Mrs Danvers shouting out of the window saying, 'You killed my beloved Rebecca so I destroy your beloved Manderley.' I heard Maxim say to himself, 'I don't care about that old house, with so many bad memories.' This is when I found out that it was a nightmare house. Then I heard one of the firemen shout, 'somebody help that Lady.' All of a sudden maxim had a rush of blood and rushed into the house to try and save Mrs Danvers, I shouted at max to leave her to die, but he didn't listen. ...read more.


The ambulance then came and he was rushed to hospital by the paramedics, went along with him in the ambulance, but on the way to the hospital Maxim fell unconscious. When we got t the hospital they detected a broken bone in his neck. When I got the news I just broke down in tears and thought this was the end for Maxim as how could he survive from a broken bone in his neck? A few hours later news came that they would only no in a few days if he would be left paralysed if a few days that's if his condition improved. It was a long three days but it finally came, the moment to know whether his condition had improved or not, as he was making steady progress which was give the doctors encouragement and me. I got the news that he was ok but it would take about a year before he would be fine. ...read more.


knife and stabbed her to death, it reported that she was not found for a further week as the cottage she was living was so remote and away from everyone else as she was that type of lady a bit of a loner. I wasn't exactly upset by the news but maxim was a bit mystified on the ways things had worked out, because of the thing's she put us through during her time at Manderley, she made our lives miserable. Years went by and Maxim and me grew old together, Maxim a little older than me died when he was 87 years of age. I could not bare living without him so I decided that it would be better for me to move back up to Scotland and live with my Family. I decided it would be best to sell the house and I made a tidy sum out of it, but it was the memories of Maxim and me in house that I missed the most. ...read more.

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