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An Englishman in New York

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Eveline van Velthuijsen English written task 2 Option Language and culture Area of communication Poetic Type of text Short story Subject The differences between British and American Purpose To show some differences between British and American, in an entertaining way Audience Teenagers and adults interested in these differences An Englishman in New York I had never left Europe before; I had never even left the UK before. So this journey was completely new to me. I was going alone, no parents, no friends, all the way across the ocean. I didn't know what I expected, I didn't expect anything really, and I was going to simply let it all come over me. Compared to the village I come from New York was an entire new world. I had been to London on a few occasions, but that was nothing compared to New York. It was huge and so lively! Unlike anything I had ever seen before. The plane was ok, I travelled economy class and the people next to me were very kind, giving me tips on how to survive New York. At that time I didn't think I would need any help. When I arrived, the first thing I noticed were the cars. ...read more.


I mumbled something stupid and I felt a blush coming up. Then she said that she finished working in about an hour and if I liked it, she could show me some places. I agreed and felt flattered this girl would show me the city. Apparently my British accent was good for something, here across the big blue. I went back to the hotel and got changed. An hour later I was back at the Italian restaurant and she was waiting for me. Her name was Alexandra, but everyone called her Alex. We went to a place called the monkey bar. Alex was meeting her friends there and introduced me to them. They were a nice bunch of people, very different from my friends back home though, these people were much more free, more careless and they found my accent very funny. Peter, one of her friends asked if I wanted a beer and I answered yes. When he came back he was carrying a tray with six glasses of lager. I looked confused and Peter asked what was wrong. I said that that wasn't beer that was lager. He said he didn't know. It didn't matter though. I also like lager. They asked me what I consider beer and I explained that it's a temperate dark brew with no foam. ...read more.


She asked me to open a bottle of blush. I truly had no idea what she was talking about. -"You know, whine."- "Ahh you mean ros´┐Ż!"-"If that is what you call it, then yeah" Ten minutes later supper was ready. She said -"Appetizer is tomato soup, main course cilantro chicken with a baked potato and red bell peppers" I found out during supper that cilantro is coriander; a baked potato is the same as a jacked potato and that a bell pepper is a simple red pepper. My American grew a lot better that evening. A biscuit is a cookie, pudding is called dessert and they don't have sweets but candy. I had a lot of fun that evening and I was very sad I had to leave the next day. The next day at the airport Alex was there to wave me off, and also Peter and some others had come. It was a very sad hour, and I really did not want to leave, I had felt so very happy there and the people were so kind and helpful. Before I got in the plane, I promised them all I would be back, and I also gave them my address so they could visit if they were ever in England. I'm very glad I took that trip, I wouldn't have missed it for the world! ...read more.

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