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An enjoyable experience. My enjoyable experience is going to Alton towers with school.

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An enjoyable experience My enjoyable experience is going to Alton towers with school, first of all we came in on the busses and by car in our own clothes then first we went to assembly and then on to registration. We got on the busses to go on our way to Alton towers the journey took about 2 and a half hours to get there when we got there we all got given a ticket too get in the we all went running of I was with Lindsey and Ella first we ran to oblivion it looked very scary but Mr Wynne persuaded me to ...read more.


for 3 seconds which felt like 10 minutes you can feel your heart pounding as you plummet 200 feet into a deep, dark underground hole. After that we found the ride air which on the ride you swoop, soar, dive and most people pretend to be superman you feel like you don't weigh a single pound. Then we went on the ride nemesis this ride is weird, takes you over rivers of blood and rock, the force will leave you breathless as you do the loop de loop. ...read more.


The water rises and falls as you swing around in and out of the fountains and we got absolutely soaked. We also went on duel which is a haunted house and you have to shoot ghosts and ghools with a fake plastic gun while you are on a run away train. The flume was the last ride we went on before we had to get on the bus back to school, on the flume you should prepare to get wet, you climb into your bathtub which is like your boat, fly down drops and through waterfalls before finishing off in the power shower and you better watch out for the ducks. ...read more.

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